Where is the historical evidence of Gentile Times Reconsidered on the web?

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    I was talking to someone about the book The Gentile Times Reconsidered by Carl Olaf Jonsson, and the historical evidence about the 70 years that is presented there. I had studied the book years ago, and made a timetable myself and became convinced. My friend would like to see the evidence for himself so he can he make up his own mind. Is there a good, concise webpage that summarizes it, without getting too detailed? I will send him the link. Thanks.


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    Alan Feuerbacher has written "Notes on the Gentile Times and 1914" which is online at,


    These notes are based upon the book "Gentile Times Reconsidered" which is available to order online at,



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    Thanks for the link. I have emailed it to my friend.

    Although I have read the Gentile Times Reconsidered, it was a few years ago, and I had to immerse myself in it for several months before I could reach a conclusion, and I made a timeline with all the information, and I could see that all the historical and Scriptural evidence lined up and harmonized. I showed my timeline to several people, but it was beyond them, and too complicated.

    I looked over the historical evidence at AF's excellent blog, and I can hardly make sense of it now myself because it is so highly technical. I am afraid that my friend will be overwhelmed and give up on it. I am looking for something less technical. Is there a webpage that summarizes the events around 1980 with Jonsson, Penton, and Franz, and summarizes the 607 BC./70 years arguments?


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    Hi Steve

    Is your friend a witness? If so, you can't get more simple than Alleymom's KISS approach found here:


    Read the entire thread. She systematically destroys the Watchtower chronology in a simple easy to understand format

    Hope this helps.


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