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  • kristyann

    Well, I kind of doubt that, considering they are so proud of the fact that they are "politically neutral," as the inside cover of the Watchtower always advertises. Then again, many of them don't seem to enjoy following their own rules, so who knows? But I doubt any of them even would know a thing about politics, nor would many have the patience or intelligence or interest to learn.

  • garybuss

    The New World Society (of Jehovah's Witnesses) is the government in waiting to rule the world in the New World order. Jehovah's Witnesses dba the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is political in nature. They're a political party posing as a religion.

    Their structure is political, their function is political, their message is political, and they advertise being that they are a government in exile, in waiting. They lobby, they support existing political organizations, and they hold the record for the most political activity of any, so called, religion at the level of the United States Supreme Court.

    The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society is the MOST politically active religion in the world. The reason the Witness people can't see it is the Society calls politics religion.

    Their trademark magazine is called The Watchtower announcing Jehovah's Kingdom (government). That's political. They were shut down and their directors thrown in prison for being involved in politics. They were banned in Canada for being too much involved in politics. They brag about being involved in politics in Nazi Germany.

    Step back about three steps and look at the Society objectively.

  • kristyann

    gary, I was thinking more along the lines of running for office or something. I thought he was asking if there were any actual JW politicians holding offices that one has to be elected into.

    But yes, as you pointed out, as far as all that stuff goes, it's obvious that they are not as "politically neutral" as they'd like everyone to think.

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