How do Bethelites show up in the monthly service report?

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  • truthseeker

    Just read a post on Special Pioneers, and it made me think of how Bethelites report their time.

    If you look at the monthly service report in the KM, you don't see stats for Bethelites.

    They are full time workers for Jehovah, but do they count themselves as pioneers or publishers?

    They sure can't be special pioneers (yet!) as there are over 2,000 of them in the USA alone and the number of Special Pioneers is just over 200.

  • stillajwexelder

    That is a really good question -I assumed they all had special pioneer/full time servant status and should show up as such - but as it is field ministry that is counted and most bethelites do about 10 hours per month and not that much more, counting them as special or regular pioneers would ruin the averages - and do not forget - IT IS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS


    They report their time to the congregations that they are assigned to as publishers.

  • blondie

    ditto what XBEHERE said. Each Bethelite is assigned to a local congregation as a publisher and that is where their card goes. As to time spent "working" at Bethel, that is not supposed to be recorded on your publisher time slip but is handled just like any other business.

    I did always wonder what happened if they were required to work long hours at Bethel and could not get out much in d2d; were they given a break?


  • proandcon

    Blondie is right...bethelites (and those in Gilead classes) are assigned to a local congregation and turn their time in just like everyone else. I never heard that they got to count any of the time spent in bethel work.(though maybe some did) However, they all were told that bether service and the work they did there superseded any requirements by the congregation. Of course, this was unwritten. But everyone, especially the elders know it. So, if your in bethel you "automatically" have a "get of of jail card" and don't need to comply with the 10 hour avg "guideline" to maintain your "good standing". Also, talk about pioneering or aux pio all you never have the "time" (incl vacation) to do it...great racket...even the newbies in bethel caught on real quick...I was an elder in a congo near the Farm in upstate NY...bethelites get a "bye"...proandcon

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