Do any of you know where I can find that 1970s elders meeting tape??

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  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Hi all..

    A while back someone posted a 1970's meeting with the elders. It was a brother who was a elder and his wife who had taped their meeting and in the end read their disassociation letter. It was REALLY good!! But I cannot find the post. Can any one help??

    Thank you!


    Lady Liberty

  • Leolaia

    I think you might mean the Rick and Laverne Townsend JC meeting?

  • inbyathread

    scroll down to specialty tapes.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty


    That's it!! Thank you so much!! I love you guys!


    Lady Liberty

  • garybuss

    Might be Rick and Laverne Townsend on this site:

  • Theocrat

    That recording is so silly. Suddenly they started seeing how industrious other religions are with their "preaching Jesus Christ". Even after you dismiss all the WT man-made rules, you would have to be completely obtuse to start seeing the teachings of other mainstream religion as scriptural. They shouldn't have let the elders corner them into the subject of the organized preaching work.

    It's like an equation: if a = c and b = c, then a must = b. Applying that to "true worship", they could have picked any number of WT teachings that don't hold up when compared with the Bible. If those things are made evident, then other things start to become manifest simply as statutes of an organizational, not deeds of Godly devotion.

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