Did anyone deliberately start smoking to give the finger to WTBTS ?

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  • hamsterbait

    I have never smoked - apart from the usual drag in the toilet at school to see what it was like. (promptly threw up lunch - mainly bacause of nausea, and butterflies induced by "omigod, now I am goin' to die at Armageddy!"

    Has anybody here left the Lie, and started smoking to assert their complete liberation, or rebellion against the control and manipulation of the Witlesses?

    How many started smoking, and loved it from the first drag? Did you have to try hard learning to inhale?

    What does smoking give you?

    HB (of the "Holding my Breath " class)

  • Sparkplug

    Pretty much it was the worst thing I could do (next to get pregnant.) Now I am hooked and really fighting it today. I get down when I give in...but today, I have not had one all day and am determined.

  • moomanchu

    Yes and No,

    I enjoy a good cigar like once a week.

    I don't inhale but you do get a different kind of buzz off it,

    relaxing kind of.

    whatever you do don't get addicted.

    Control it don't let it control you.

  • restrangled

    YOU BETCHA! I started smoking on the way to school when I was 13. It was a total thrill as it was something I could choose. Nothing else in my life was of my design. I had a friend who's mother smoked and she would steal a cigarette for all of us..(several JW's involved) The choke hold on our lives was so constraining, this was our only personal freedom.

    I remember my younger brother saw me smoking and reported it to my mother ...had to be very early 70's... and when I got home and denied it, her response was "I don't care if you die, I am going to live forever!".....my cigarette consumption promptly increased 10 fold.

    Little did I know it would become a life long problem. I quit in my early teens while pioneering and the obligatory babtizing scenerio went on. At age 15 I picked it up again. Quit again and started up when I was 18. Quit when I was pregnant with my 2 boys for over 6 years and picked it up again after they were born. I have been smoking ever since, about 20 years straight. Still get a secret thrill out of being a smoker and I quess it still feels as if I'm giving the WT the finger. Its the reason my mother has decided to shun me after 30 years, even after providing me with an ashtray outside of her home for 20 years.

    Problem is I'm f...... my self. But due to programing believe I'm still going to die at armageddon before lung cancer.

    Go Figure!


  • ballistic

    No - I didn't start smoking out of rebellion. I can't see that being a good reason to start anything. Someone left a pack of cigarettes at my house about a year after I was disfellowshipped after I had some work collegues round for a beer. I just lit one up and smoked it. I didn't feel dizzy or nausious or anything like that. I loved every single minute of it and smoked another. The next morning I went out and bought my first pack of many. I smoked just a few a day until I met a girl friend who smoked a lot, then it became a 30 or so a day habit.

    Years later when you realise smoking isn't doing anything for you anymore, I have given up a few times. I will probably give up again soon.

  • MsMcDucket
    Has anybody here left the Lie, and started smoking to assert their complete liberation, or rebellion against the control and manipulation of the Witlesses?

    Yep, I was mad at God when I started smoking. I started smoking at the age of 43. I felt that all I ever did was try to do the right thing and all I got was hurt and pain for doing it.

    Sometimes, I think I'm committing "spiritual" and "physical" suicide. Then other times, I feel there is no God.

    What do I get out of smoking? A break and it calms me down.

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