San Jose Mercury News Article on JW's

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  • TresHappy

    Excuse me if this has been posted already; but this newspaper has an extensive story about the JW's - including an audio slide show; I like the photo of the ladies doing the pioneer walk.

  • Leolaia
    Often, people cut short friendly conversations when they realize they are talking with a Witness. Sometimes, no one answers the door, though Witnesses can hear them scurrying inside. Nicholas Garrett, a Witness for 70 years, blames it on crime. "It's a sign of the times,'' said Garrett, a member of the Hillsdale Congregation. "My wife wouldn't go to the door if I wasn't home.''

    You're out of're out of time...

  • Ariel84

    My thoughts exactly Leolaia!

  • greendawn

    What a waste of time slaving away for a manmade organisation thinking that they are doing the work of God. Bringing people into a destructive and deceitful cult is not the work of God.

    They are are being used as unpaid workers of the WTS hoping in vain to receive a reward from God for their troubles in spreading the JW propaganda.

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