The Funny Rut of JWs.

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  • Nosferatu

    I was at my mother's place the other day, and got a look at the latest Awake! magazine on building a successful marriage (don't ask me what issue it was, because I don't care). Anyway, it talked about love being part of the foundation of the marriage. But the strongest foundation is when both of them have a love for Jehovah God (baaarrf). It also talked about the problems that break marriage down. Some of the problems are money, some communication, but the biggest problem of all? You guessed it..... Satan the devil!

    This gets me thinking about how JWs fit into the whole scheme of things. We have three parties: Satan & his Demons, The JWs, and Jehovah.

    Now, Satan runs after the JWs, hoping to get them into his clutches and join his huge army of Worldlings. For the JWs to be saved, they must not only run from Satan, but try to get approval from their saviour, Jehovah God (not Jesus). Now, if Satan or his Demons grab ahold of one of these JWs and they look to Jehovah for help, Jehovah flips 'em the bird and says "Get out of his clutches, or I will destroy you". Why isn't Jehovah helping? Because it's the JW's fault for not out-running Satan.

    It's a funny rut where the JWs are in a lose-lose situation. Satan is chasing them, but Jehovah won't help them. They're left to fend for themselves, and hope they're running fast enough and maybe Jehovah will take them off this treadmill and put them into a Paradise Erf where Satan doesn't exist (well, at least for 1000 years anyway).

    What a horrible way to live your life, being in fear and submission at the same time.

  • runningrussianboy

    Thats an easy one. The entire orginization is not about helping you, its about controling you. They want your gratitude also know as your servitude to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, not to Jehovah. The figment of God is just a cover for control. Its all about control, do what we want, in the manner we want, how we want. If they really wanted to help you, it wouldn't be such a screwed up orginization.

  • Gregor

    Nice observation, Nosferatu.

    It's kind of like a video game that you can never really win, but you've always got another chance (hit the restart button) until the big A comes along and catches you out and you get turned into a potato chip. Keeps the players constantly on the defensive instead of asking embarassing questions (which will NOT be tolerated!). It's no wonder the puppet masters in Brooklyn are so drunk with power.

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