Great News For The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina.....WTS style!

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  • enlightenedcynic

    Maybe someone already mentioned this, but on Sunday, following the WT study, a letter was read to the congregation that detailed how the rebuilding work was going in the gulf coast. This I was told was a re-read of the same letter done at the service meeting part. As I was just waking up from a good 45 min. nap during WT study, I can't repeat word for word what the letter said. I was genuinely interested in hearing the letter because I wanted to know how many jw's were injured and/or killed and how many were displaced and how they were doing. Well, the brother reading the letter starts of by saying that all will be happy to know that to date 1,_ _ _ (I don't remember the exact number) KH's were damaged and have been repaired with many more to be worked on. (um, about the "friends"?) He then says that over 1,000 homes have been repaired by the WTS thanks to the hard work of the volunteer workers. ( um...what about the people???) Oh and by the way(my words), unfortunately there have been almost 2,000 families displaced by the disaster. So in a letter that is supposed to update us on the condition of the friends affected by Katrina, we hear about the status of the KH's first, the homes/property second, and then bringing up the rear, the people. It is as if the WTS was saying to the people, "Sure, you don't have a home to live in but cheer up, at least the KH has been repaired". Gotta hand it to the society, they sure have their priorities straight. ec

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  • sf

    I mean seriously, this 'style' is just not so surprising anymore.

    Nerve-racking, aggravating and irritating, yes. Surprising behavior, no.


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    the first place i would look for a bag of rice, potatoes. or some can good's would be the kingDUM HELL. THEY ARE ALLWAYS SO GIVING. as for my new roof and windows . i would look to the red cross or some other church . or babylon the great . the UNITED STATES GOV'T to help me. i was working in one of the poorest areas. if my county last week . there was this hole in the wall church. handing out food good's to these poor old ladies. and i was talking to them aS I HAD A JOB IN FRONT OF THEIR CHURCH. all nice and polite etc. i had to get my glasses out to figure this dump was a church. but low and behold they were helping the poor. about 200 feet away was a very large fenced in kingdum hall. as i was working i got to talk to some jw's going into early morning poineer work. i was talking to 2 sisters and pointing to that little flock . that is helping the widow's and poor ... and asked them what the hell are you doing ...preaching a false gospel. of 1914. all the dub's were filing in for morning mag sales. and i got to talking to a few out side. the service elder got so pissed off.. he started poking a broom stick through the fence. because i was telling some newer jw's about some of the false prothecies i'v'e lived through. at the hands of the gb in the last 40 years' when he called me a liar. i offered him one hour in the kingDUM HALL library. using only wt books to PROVE I KNOW what i'm talking about. his response was to call the police on me. by the way i never stepped on the hall property. he knew he lost before he even started. p.s. he kept telling me and the nice jw's i was talking to . out side of the hell that they were late. i asked late for what!!!!!!!!!!! you make this sound like they are are on a time clock and getting payed. they have free will ? or are you their savior? john

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