Tongue Lashing!

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  • 5thGeneration

    Holy crap!

    Got into an argument with my mom today.

    She said that I am negative and question too much AND "you either believe the FDS will get you through this or not.".

    I just want to go back to Vegas already!

  • AuldSoul
    you either believe the FDS will get you through this or not.

    Well gee, mom, if you put it like that...NOT!

    I fully understand. You just want to shake her or say some magic phrase that will wake her up from her drone-like slumber. You want her to love you and respect you regardless of whether you respect what the GB says. She probably thinks the FDS is the same as the GB. She wouldn't be the first JW who believed that.

    The FDS isn't even listened to by the GB, why would you expect them to get you through anything. And the GB can find its way out of a wet paper bag without a map, a jacknife, and a very knowledgable sherpa who would promptly confiscate the jacknife and map and lead them out by their hand.

    (((5thGen))) sorry you are going through that.


  • delilah

    She said that I am negative and question too much AND "you either believe the FDS will get you through this or not.".

    Funny how the brothers will tell those they study with, to question their faiths, ask their clergy about this and that, yet when we do the same of them, they get all up in your face about it! They don't want anyone to question them, it shows a lack of faith if we do!!

  • geevee

    My Inlaws just told us the other day that they serve and dedicated themselves to Jah, not to an organization........can you believe it? Does this make them apostate?
    We said not to go into their hall and say that!!!! they will be in for it, but sadly they didn't get the inference. They dont seem to understand the chain of command, no jesus as mediator, so they need the org and fds for salvation, don't they?

  • Mary
    She said that I am negative and question too much

    Ah yes, the typical Dub response when you start asking questions that they have no answers for.......

  • greendawn

    The dubs don't seem to realise the anomaly between who the FDS is in theory and who he is in practice. In theory all the anointed make up the FDS but in practice it is only the GB and their anointed and non anointed inner circle that make up the FDS, a very small part of the FDS.

    The GB tell them don't worry, we are the spokesmen of the FDS we represent them, but in fact they don't give a fig for them. Does their jehovah give inspiration only to the GB et al? And if He gives inspiration to all the FDS or at least many of them then why don't we ever hear anything from all the others?

    We know the claim that the GB do accept information from them and even write it in their publications is just one of the many disgusting lies they feed the dubs with.

    So don't worry about the FDS to all intents and purposes he doesn't exist. There is only a GB.

  • LovesDubs

    I know its been a long time since I was IN....but doesnt the Faithdul and NOT so discreet Slob Crass include ALL of the annointed still living on the planet? And NOT just a dozen brain dead so called members in the GB? And arent those WT articles often written by WOMEN and NON FDS members? And when was the last time the GB polled the other 6000 remaining members for their cough cough...INSIGHT into leading the sheep?

    Jeeeeez louise how did we ever fall for this crap?? If moms only hope is a bunch of hopeless ONES somewhere near Crooklyn Bridge...I feel really sorry for her. ...all of them.

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