Would this 'strategy' work with Zealous mates & 'Faders'?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    There are always a few threads on this forum dealing with one mate 'fading' and the other tight in the 'truth'. The scenarios are always similar; 'fader' is iching to finally 'get out' - other 'zealous mate' is always anxious to end the marriage or destroy the life of the 'fader'. 'Fader' wants to bring 'zealous' out, but thinks he will terminate his/her relationship with 'zealous' in so doing.

    When I left, Wifey came right along. So I have no experience in the precise difficulties faced when this does not happen, although I empathize.

    One strategy that came to mind was a simple one; Take parts of R Franz' books, or others pertinent to your situation, retype the general thoughts as if your own words, making it look like you are just rambling on a certain point, like everlasting life or God's using an organization today or how God must feel about the idea of 6 billion people dying so a few million can have the earth, and making sure it is subtle enough to be read without 'apostate' undertones. Slip it into a file folder on your desk - not too obvious, but let it be found. Do not say a word. I have found that the reasoning of men like Franz and Cabeen and Waters are excellent. They make sound arguments that would work on many topics. The key is making sure the mate finds and reads it without knowing it's 'apostate' origins. [If you have doubts about using these writings in such a way, contact the author - I am sure he would grant it without problem]. Seed planted. Then later another, once you are sure it is being read. So forth until the seed sprouts.

    Any other ideas for planting good seeds for later aiding a smooth transition out of 'God's Organization"?


  • mkr32208

    I would think even better would be to write the notes in the margin's of the watchtowers! Leave the watchtower and bible on the table with an open encyclopedia to 'Jerusalem' with notes all over about the kings list and the 586 date vs 607... ALL HANDWRITTEN! Like you got too busy and had to leave and left it all out!

    It's hard for an intelligent person to really argue with the encyclopedia! I've never heard even the most hardline witness argue that!

    (online moron's like scholar not included! )

  • jambon1
  • freedomlover

    this line of reasoning did help me to start questioning things.

    I knew hubby (ithinkisee) was researching and doing a lot of bible research (something he NEVER did before) and yet I knew he wasn't doing this research to be a better witness. He never communicated with me, so asking him about this was out of the question.

    he did photocopy a ton of different books and encyclopedia articles and highlighted them with notes about jerusalem's fall. He left them in a folder on his desk right on the edge and I looked at them. that got me questioning and sent me doing my own research without him even knowing I was doing that. I wanted to prove him wrong in a way. I was just positive that he was *confused* or had got a hold of some false info. but as I researched I began to see the lies.

    the rest, as they say, is history! :)

  • jambon1

    AK - I think this might be a good idea. In my case I wonder what I have to do but this may be an idea. I think it would work for faders very well. In my case, I have cut ties so she would be suspicious. But under the guise of a weak JW she may have given me more of a hearing era. The thing is, my mate would be horrified if she knew I had read apostate stuff and I certainly could not raise points by saying "oh, this is what RF or some site on the internet said" - she would run a mile from listening. I sometimes even feel bad for running down her faith in the 1st place even though I am strongly against it! I wonder what may become of her mentality if she was to realise it was all a lot of made up nonsense. I at the moment just try to live a good life and be a good husband etc, etc. It is very confusing to know what is best.

  • itsallgoodnow

    the strategy could work, but probably only if you were still very very active in all congregation activities, and especially if you held some sort of position, even MS possibly.

    I stopped attending meetings regularly before I figured anything out so even the smallest thing say is met with skepticism because of that. Some logic, huh!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    I stopped attending meetings regularly before I figured anything out so even the smallest thing say is met with skepticism because of that. Some logic, huh!

    Itsallgoodnow - you have clearly lost Jehovah's spirit! How could anyone listen to you. ? LOL


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