Do you want to know how many kh's wt owns in mexico & Belize?

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  • flag

    Some of our relatives visited us from mexico and I saw the KM for the month of may.

    The title was:

    An inportant fase of our holy service

    Construction of kingdom halls

    There, they said that so far they had built 1722 kh in the past seven years.

    17 in Belize

    they still need to build 1300 more.

    need to remodel 190 & finish 234 that are in construction right now.

    So, the total amount is: 3463

  • Honesty

    Oh boy!!!

    3463 houses of prayer dedicated to the Faithful Slave Jehovah.

  • serendipity

    Wow - how many publishers in each country?

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    when I was in belize earlier this year, we stopped at the hot tourist area on the shore where you book snorkeling etc and there were a group of JWs selling tours with watchtower mags on the backs of the binders with tour details. :-(

    I spotted them right away then went up and recited www.freeminds. ..... over & over. I got a funny look but just kept saying it quietly over & over (while pointing to my head. They were trying not to seem like they were hearing me, but were a bit uncomfortable - kind of like how I felt knowing that a tour booked with them could turn into trackable BS time for them. grrr.

    So if you're from beliz and you're lurking - Hi again!


  • LDH

    Will power, very cool.

    I spent many times in Mexico, and I remember in the early 80's how the WT would malign the Catholic church for owning huge amounts of property in Mexico.

    They have, however, begun to realize the way to make billions is through land investment. Don't believe me? Look at what they're doing in NY.

    I have been to many KH in Mexico.

    They are snapping up property faster than a race horse can piss. I alluded to this on another thread about Africa.


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