Imagine Jesus

by A Paduan 4 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    • Imagine Jesus in a suit
    • Imagine Jesus checking out which postarmageddon house he likes the look of
    • Imagine Jesus delving into all the sexual details in the backroom judging committee
    • Imagine Jesus dictating that a small child is subject to their abuser because there wasn't two witnesses
    • Imagine Jesus tallying service hours and 'marking' poor performers
    • Imagine Jesus shunning his own child who has simply had a bellyfull of 'changing light'
    • Imagine Jesus walking around with a black bag knocking on every door in the street
    • Imagine Jesus ...........................

    hard to imagine

  • Robdar

    Well said!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Imagine Jesus not having a Heavenly hope ...

  • Undecided

    About all we can do is imagine Jesus, since no one noticed him for 30 years and he never wrote anything down for us to read and we only have what a few people wrote about him years after his death. He didn't become God until a dove landed on him. Now we must use our imagination to have faith in him to have any hope of living after this one is over. If you happen to live in a culture that doesn't imagine him and you don't somehow learn to imagine him, you are toast.

    Ken P.

  • Jake99


    Imagine the Messiah having lived 51 years and not being recognized.I say this because I am the Jesus the world is looking for. Not only have I writen it down but I demonstrated the Way while leaving a path of miraculous achievements in my wake. This is the age of miracles that follows the age of information and I am here to lead the Way as stated in all the religious books. Imagine that I can heal all things that are controllable and react quickly to save the effected should emergencies and natural disasters strike. Imagine that I would take on the U.S. government in a suit with a bow and arrows over my shoulder and win in court and jury trials time after time right at Y2K.And that is without the mention of the chariot that was parked in front of a tomb behind me or the crown on my head.

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