And the Blind Shall See....

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  • metatron

    From the 6/8/06 copy of Electronic Design magazine, page 17, entitled "Engineers Work Medical Miracles Every Day"

    After describing a breakthrough in which a man was given bionic arms directly wired to his nervous system ("The patient could pick up

    dishes and take off his cap"), it talks about getting the blind to see.

    "Gene Frantz, one of TI's Principal Fellows, described regenerative vision for a patient suffering from retinitus pigmentosa. Via the artificial

    silicon retina coupled with signal processing, the patient could discern a fork and a plate and was able to feed herself.

    'She was crying. Then the whole room was crying' says Frantz.

    Yes, the junction of electronic design and medical science is truly a place where miracles can occur!"

    enough said


  • gumby
    Then the whole room was crying' says Frantz.

    Jeez louise......was that bastard resurected back to earth?!!!!

    Hey....I wonder should this idea prove really succesful if it will fulfill scripture?


  • sir82

    Anyone else find it ironic that the quote comes froma magazine dated June 8?

    The Awake magazines used to be dated on the 8th & 22nd. But of course the Awake is now a monthly magazine, so there is no 6/8/06 edition of the mag.

    Oh, and by the way, our PO is convinced that "Jehovah will never allow" mankind to restore sight to the blind, extend lifetimes indefinitely, etc. All teh various scientific breakthroughs are a sign that the end is "real soon now!"

    It's really a pity, the man is brilliant in many areas, but voluntarily turns off large portions of his brain.

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