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  • james_woods

    If you all will excuse, I had the need to say something...

    Was watching either Discovery or History the other night, and they had a show on cathedrals. It mentioned the classic Notre Dame, and also the "sacred family" of Barcelona by the great architect Gaudi. Been to see boh, in person, and also the ones in England and Germany.

    One of our friends here has commented on how "spooky" she felt about these types of religious architecture. I once felt the same way.

    However, now that I have the privelege of time, I feel more rewarded than repelled by these works of art.

    I am actually starting to think that even if the religions had some (and mostly) false premise, maybe it was a good thing that man had them through the ages. Otherwise, how would we have books, learning, art, etc??? I guess even the WT society has their secret pyramid, eh?

    Not that this old agnostic cowboy is going to join anything soon, though --- but some of them did build some pretty good buildings and paint some very nice pictures.

    As always, James

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I always used to get spooked by the big old cathedrals too and I was never a JW, I guess it must have been far worse for you guys.

    I think it's just the sheer vastness of some of these places, coupled with them being dark inside - and don't forget the gargoyles - hell you wonder sometimes what the stonemasons were thinking of!! (maybe their wives lol).

    The buildings are awe-inspiring works of art in themselves and it's good that you feel ok to go and appreciate them now.

  • parakeet

    ***...but some of them did build some pretty good buildings and paint some very nice pictures.***
    Unfortunately, they also were responsible for the dark ages, the inquisition, and wholesale genocides.

    ***Otherwise, how would we have books, learning, art, etc???***
    Check out history books on the ancient Romans--they were on the verge of a technological revolution that rivaled discoveries and inventions of the 1700s. But they were taken over by the Church and learning took a back seat to intolerance for more than 1000 years.

  • Terry

    You know what makes a building a cathedral? The presence or absence of a bishop.

    The focus is on the potentate! The Catholics regard the building in this manner the way others think of the body as being meat without the soul.

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