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  • brighter-truth


    Many of you allready know me as I actually post under another name on this forum. So I am far from new here. With that said I feel that for the sake of my current project I must remain as anonymous as possible. I am interested in creating an unbiased documentary film about Jehovah's Witnesses. I am not interested in simply creating a 'slam' attack on the Witness faith, but instead wish to display the Witnesses simply for what they are at face value. I have been associated with Jehovah's Witnesses for over a decade and wish to make my journey through their organization a running theme throghout the film.

    Question: Why have you come to this forum first?
    Answer: To help gain the active help and support of this community. The resources this forum is able to supply is enormous. A grassroots effort from those associated here can help this project become a huge success. There is also a variety of footage that I feel will be much eaiser get if done BEFORE the actualy project begins and becomes more public.

    Question: What can I do to help?
    Answer: The main reason for me coming to this forum first is to make contacts and gather togeather footage that would not be possible to gather later stages in the development of the project.
    One key scene I hope to put in the film will display the universal teaching that goes on in the congregations. I hope to gather togeather footage from as many Kingdom Halls as possible taken during the SAME EXACT Watchtower study. Showing how so many people across the world answer and believe the same thing word for word from the Watchtower magazine will be quite compelling and revealing, but I need your help to do it!

    I will also be needing the assistance of anybody currently in positions of authority within the organization. This includes Elders, Bethelits, or anybody else that can help with providing valuable information that may not be eaisly available to those outside such positions.

    Video / Audio footage from this years 'Deliverance at Hand' district convention will be needed as well.

    Question: What is the time frame for production of the film?
    Answer: The most reasonable timeline I can give is anywhere from 1-3 years. I wish to make this film as complete and as encompassing as possible. In order to do this, especially in documentary form will take an extended peroid of time.

    Question: Who will be funding the film?
    Answer: Currently at this time the film is being independently financed.

    Question: I think you have a good idea but it seems like your going about it wrong. Why don't you just get this thing started full speed with producer and studio backing it?
    Answer: Documentary films capture life as it is happening. The purpose of this film is to capture the Witness community as it is, without bias. How can you capture something spontaneious and real when people are expecting you? I felt the best way to exectue the project was to simply start a grassroots effort to capture footage of the Witnesses without any bias, without any warning. Simply gather footage. That's the best way I think that in this circumstance we can capture life as it happens.


    So, if your interested in helping out let me know! It is my sinscere hope that I can get the support of this community to help me in my work to create the best documentary on Jehovah's Witnesses ever made.

  • Kero-kero

    I feel if you want to create an unbiased documentary film about Jehovah's Witnesses, this maybe the wrong place to come...Most, if not all, are biased againts JW's for some reason or another. It could be a personal thing or maybe they could not accept certain believes. So if you were to produce a film based on what people say on this site...then it is going to be very one sided.

    Sorry if that offends anyone here.

  • Bstndance

    I would have to say there is no such thing as an unbiased documentary. All documentaries whether they are films or even news reports have an intent. Now it is possible not to know your intent and the message you are trying to get across when you first start filming and it will come to your as you compile your footage. But, a documentary that shows each side very evenly with no direct message is just plain boring and your chances of making your investment back will be slim.

    Another thought that came across my mind is that it will be almost impossible to get cooperation from the witnesses. Sure some will talk but many won't in fear that if your docu does turn negative and the WTS knows about their participation they will be 86'd.

  • Bstndance

    Oh, I forgot to say, Good Luck!! It is admirable when someone is going to take on a multi-year project. There is no way I could last that long.

  • sf

    It's already been done:


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