I made a proposition to my dad - the ex-elder

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  • divejunkie

    My dad is visiting us this month...so we get to talking
    Every chance I get I drop a "little" bomb about the WTS - nothing big to cause an argument but powerful enough to make him think and not have an answer.

    Anyway, he is the ultimate "pack rat". He won't ever throw anything away. Therefore there is an entire closet in my parents' house exclusively for WT literature. I mean he has EVERYTHING! He has books from the Russell era! He's 70 and has been a witness for 45. So early in his JW career he got some interesting "classics".

    We were joking around and I told him that he needed to go to "Pack Rats Anonymous" and ask him: "Do you still have the "book closet"? He says "Of course!" I'm telling him get rid of that stuff, you can have everything on disc, and open some useful space in the house. That is when he mentions the Russell books.
    So I go and tell him there are book collectors that would pay good $$ for those. Surprisingly, he seems open to the idea. So I tell him to send me a list of the titles and I'll post them on Ebay. He says he'll do it. We'll see.

    But to me it's incredible that he would even consider it!!! I'll let you know what turns out...

  • divejunkie

    Sorry for the double post. Computer glitch...

  • AuldSoul

    Um...PLEASE give us an opportunity before opening it to public bid. PLEASE!!! The WTS will buy them up to destroy them.


  • lisavegas420

    how cool is that? I agree with AuldSole, give the posters at JWD first dibbs on the old stuff.


  • geevee

    you should be getting it all first. dont sell it.

  • vitty

    Does your father know what the books contain ????????? Id be encouraging him to read them, not selling them.

  • divejunkie

    He is going to give me a list of titles and years. I'll let you know what he has.

    About encouraging him to read them, I did. But he gave me the line of "it's logical that there are going to be some things that we no longer believe to be accurate, but it's becasue Jehovah's light is provided gradually, blah, blah, blah..." He isn't going to admit aloud anything. I think he doesn't want to read them because he knows that he'll find evidence of the WT bullshit.

    To a certain degree, I understand him. It's hard for an individual who has lived most of his life believing vehemently in something to even consider the possibility of all being a load of crap. Especially at the end of his years...

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