Anyone from Wisconsin (north of Milwaukee)?

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  • Ziggy


    I just moved to Wisconsin and wonder if there is anyone who posts on this site who is from the Milwaukee area, specifically in the suburbs north of the city? Any groups that meet up periodically anywhere in the Milwaukee area?



  • kls

    Hello Ziggy and welcome I am near the Hartford area but was born in Milwaukee, and know there are some closer to Milwaukee then me .

    I will BTT this post so those can read this and reply .

  • beautifulisfree

    Greetings from Central Wisconsin!! Glad to have another cheese head joining us!

    We are having an ApostaBeerCheeseFest around here on August . Check out the thread under the Apostafests topic on the main page. We'd love to have you join us!!!

    If you have any questions or want to know more about the fest, just PM Schne_Belly... they are organizing it!

  • Ziggy

    Hello KLS & Beautifulisfree!

    Thank you both for responding and I'll definitely consider going the the ApostaBeerCheeseFest!

    KLS: I am fairly near to you, in fact I was just in Hartford last week to go to the KMart there (someone had given me a KMart gift card and Hartford was the closest place to use it!).

    Not having any close friends in the area (except my family, who also are my friends! <laugh!>) I am trying to network and find other people with similar backgrounds or interests in hope of finding nuturing some new friendships.

    Thanks again to both of you for responding!


  • Mulan

    I have an ex sister in law who lives near Green Bay.................but she is a militant JW and won't speak to me anymore. Her daughter my niece, is a pioneer, married to an ex Bethelite. Groan.

    I also have a nephew (actually my cousin's son) who lives in Forrestville. He doesn't believe anymore, like all of us and his father and brothers. BUT............his wife is also a militant JW and they have 4 little ones, so he pretty much keeps his opinions to himself and does as little as he can get away with.

    Sorry, I can't help you, but go to the fest. They are a blast!!

  • bavman

    Hi Ziggy. I'm in the general area you describe. There are others in the area who get together at times. PM me if you want my e-mail address and want to talk. Take care!

  • aoxo

    hi ziggy, i am from milwaukee area in bayview. there is a regular group that meets but the organizer has been busy lately so we didn't meet the last few times. what are your interests? i like fishing, how about you. tell us about yourself.

  • Ziggy

    Good morning, Mulan, bavman and aoxo!

    Thanks for posting, I really appreciate it.

    Mulan, it's sad that one can't walk away from the Watchtower without suffering the consequence of being shunned. Your nephew is in a very difficult situation. My situation was similar.

    Bavman, I'll send you a pm, thanks!

    Aoxo, I used to go fishing when I was a kid, but haven't gone in years (and years! <laugh!>). I'm really not into sports, but love volleyball. I love to go out dancing, to the movies and just hanging out with friends. I love being outdoors, but don't consider myself a rough and tumble hiker. In fact the older I get the more I NEED to get outdoors get active. If you find out that there is a group meeting would you let me know?

    It'd be great to meet you all... hopefully we can do that sometime this summer!


  • jschwehm

    Hi Ziggy:

    I live in Sheboygan and teach at Lakeland College.

    Jeff S.

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