Hitler and Rutherford

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    It probably isn't new but weird thoughts running through my head.

    • Hitler - 1000 yr Reich
    • Rutherford - 1000 reign


    • Hitler - ethnic cleansing
    • Ruytherford - everybody dies but the chosen few - sounds like ethnic cleansing to me


    • Hitler - authoritarian rule
    • Rutherford - authoritarian rule

    I'm sure there are others.

  • Leolaia

    • Hitler - Workers must maximize efficiency
    • Rutherford - Workers must maximize efficiency


    • Hitler - Jew-run Big Business is an evil that will be stopped (i.e. by man)
    • Rutherford - Jew-run Big Business is an evil that will be stopped (i.e. by God)


    • Hitler - Allegience to God involves allegience to the Reich
    • Rutherford - Allegience to God involves allegience to the Organization
  • blondie


    Millennialism and Nazism

    The most controversial interpretation of the Three Ages philosophy and of millennialism in general is Hitler's "Third Reich" ("Drittes Reich", "Tausendjähriges Reich"), which, in his vision, would last for a thousand years - but which in reality only lasted for 12 years (1933-1945).

    The phrase "Third Reich" was coined by the conservative German thinker Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, who in 1923 published a book entitled Das Dritte Reich, which eventually became a catchphrase that survived the Nazi regime.

    Looking back at German history, two periods were distinguished:

    These were now to be followed -- after the interval of the Weimar Republic (1918 - 1933), during which constitutionalism, parliamentarism and even pacifism ruled -- by:

    • the "Third Reich" of Adolf Hitler.

    In a speech held on 27 November 1937, Hitler commented on his plans to have major parts of Berlin torn down and rebuilt:

    [...] einem tausendjährigen Volk mit tausendjähriger geschichtlicher und kultureller Vergangenheit für die vor ihm liegende unabsehbare Zukunft eine ebenbürtige tausendjährige Stadt zu bauen [...].
    [...] to build a millennial city adequate [in splendour] to a thousand year old people with a thousand year old historical and cultural past, for its never-ending [glorious] future [...]
  • blondie

    Do you see a Hitlerllike aspect to Rutherford's talks? Not too netural, eh?


    g95 8/22 pp. 9-10 The Evils of Nazism Exposed ***

    The resolution "Warning!," adopted at a 1938 convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., said: "The Fascists and Nazis, radical political organizations, have wrongfully seized control of many countries of Europe . . . All the people will be regimented, all their liberties taken away, and all will be compelled to yield to the rule of an arbitrary dictator and then the ancient Inquisition will be fully revived."

    Rutherford regularly took to the airwaves, delivering powerful lectures on the satanic nature of Nazism. The lectures were rebroadcast globally and were printed for distribution by the millions. On October 2, 1938, he delivered the address "Fascism or Freedom," in which he denounced Hitler in no uncertain terms.

    "In Germany the common people are peace-loving," Rutherford proclaimed. "The Devil has put his representative Hitler in control, a man who is of unsound mind, cruel, malicious and ruthless . . . He cruelly persecutes the Jews because they were once Jehovah’s covenant people and bore the name of Jehovah, and because Christ Jesus was a Jew."

  • Leolaia

    Just before he died, Rutherford taught that WWII will end with Britain and America becoming totalitarian states like Nazi Germany.

  • Leolaia

    In a similar theme, it is worth checking out Farkel's thread on Rutherford and Al Capone:


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow thanks

    I guess my thinking isn't that warped after all


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