What's your nickname?

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Everyone seems to have some kind of nickname or pet name that their family, friends, or spouse/significant other calls them. Some of the names were acquired in childhood and just "stuck" and some were acquired later in life.

    What is/was your pet name, and is there an interesting story behind it? Share if you dare..


  • TresHappy

    Won't share, but I can tell you it was highly annoying!

  • rassillon

    When I was young I was named Jaws by a guy who worked for my dad cause I asked so many questions. I wouldn't shut up. He was operating a front-end loader / back-hoe and I just sat there asking him "what does this do?" "what does that do?"

    He was really nice about it but I bet it bugged him to death...

    I am still a big mouth....but the name never made the jump from my family to my friends.


  • Mary

    Nickname was 'blondie'. What a uh, surprise eh?

  • MidwichCuckoo

    You'll NEVER guess.......


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    • pokey for being slow to do things
    • stupid
    • clutz
    • bony
    • lulee (by my brothers because they couldn't pronounce my name [which I have changed])
    • Mrs. Bear by the last husband

    The best two in the world are

    • Mom
    • Gramma
  • Mulan

    In high school, I was "Maxie". My last name was Maxfield so it is self explanatory. Most of my teachers would call me Maxine for the first part of the school year, until they figured out my first name was Marilyn

    When I was about 15, my cousin's husband asked me to "pass the water, Marilyn" at dinner, and it sounded a lot like "watermelon", so now he and my own husband often call me "Melon".

    My main nickname is "Grandma". It seems an awful lot of little ones are calling me that these days. One of our grandsons calls me "Mimi". He is 22 months old. I thought that was neat because one of my grandmothers was Mimi too.

  • lonelysheep

    Ris and Rissa are both used by family and friends. Ris-Ree by one of my aunts. Lariss by a lot of co-workers. "Crazy" by my inlaws. A few other special ones, but those are the main nicknames.

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