Interview with Lawrence Hughes

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  • jschwehm

    Hi All:

    The following are the show notes to my most recent podcast:

    An interview with Lawrence Hughes about his wrongful death lawsuit against the Watchtower Society over the death of his daughter Bethany Hughes. Bethany died when she was only sixteen years old from refusing medical treatment (specifically blood transfusions) for her cancer. Contemporary Christian Music is "Kol Yisrael" by Jeremy Gimbel and "Nails and Thorns" by Steven Stewart. You can donate to Save the Children Fund, P.O. Box 20161, Calgary Place RPO, Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P4J3

    You can download the mp3 file at:

    Jeff S.

  • juni

    Thanks Jeff for posting the broadcast. I just finished listening.

    I have a few questions:

    Is Lawrence w/his family now? He is DF because he signed for blood for his daughter, but I was wondering what happened w/him and the rest of his family.

    Who made the choice of using arsenic for Bethany's treatment at the end? I remember when they used laetrile treatments for cancer back in the ' 70s and ' 80s from Tijuana, MX. Many JWs went there w/no success. We had a few from our cong. who also went there. Why didn't the WT lawyers and Liaison Committee push for using the latest approved methods w/blood products?

    It is like David up against Goliath. Goliath in this case being the WTS. Bethany had 20 lawyers from the WT Society. Her mom didn't have to pay whereas Lawrence could not possibly keep up w/his lawyer's fees and his lawyer could hardly keep up w/the bombardment of correspondence from the 20 WT lawyers. So he had to represent himself.

    And not only did they have 20 lawyers who had the advantage of attorney/client privilege, but also the liaison committee w/clergy privilege surrounding Bethany w/the social worker sitting in the corner keeping an eye on the whole ordeal to make sure that Bethany's rights were followed. But they still managed to take her away from the hospital and keep her hidden. Unbelievable!! And then knowingly inform Dad about her impending death an hour before whereas they knew it would take him 3 hours of driving time to reach the hospital.

    So this father never had the opportunity to say "good-bye" to his daughter.

    I hope others will listen to the broadcast; it opens your eyes to specific atrocities that are going on in this organization which claims to be directed by God.


  • garybuss

    Thanks Jeff, Hard to listen to. The Witnesses are basically faith healers with an underlying disrespect for life based on their belief that life is cheap, that people are subject to serial lives, returning to live again and be tested again in different bodies, at different points in time.

    I thought of fighting a court fight too but I haven't. As long as I'm fighting I don't have to admit or accept my part in the crime. My fight keeps me on the high ground. The facts are, I was a part of the problem. I supported my wife in her suicide, I gave Witnesses free access to her and I helped her shorten her life by a lot. I helped put her in harm's way. I did the same thing with my sons. I was a stupid father and I put them in harm's way. Now I suffer for my own behaviors.

    All of my good days had the same thing in common . . . I wasn't in court. I want to pick my battles and I only want battles I can undoubtedly win. No way in heck I can win in court against the richest corporation on the planet with the most court experience.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    hi jeff; nice to see you had Mr. hughes on your show he came off very well. as i've been following the case. i think this interview is a must listen too. maybe Mr. hughes can get on some high profile radio or t.v. is the catholic church willing to help Mr. hughes in any way $$$ lawyers etc. they surely are 1000X"S more powerful than the WT . i'm sure if the RCC wanted to they could CRUSH THE WTS. ON THEIR BLOOD DOCTRINE. the same way i step on a cockaraoch. i say .lets see the roman catholic church get their lawyers out . and let the games begin. it would be great if the vatican STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE . AND HELPED THIS GUY. but in the end i think all these churches. don't give a shit. except for themselves... i was thinking of helping Mr. Hughes with a small donation. but if the CATHOLIC CHURCH WAS TO JUMP IN AND HELP HIM. I'D go back to mass every sunday and become active, in the parish. till then i see no fruit from the catholic church exposing the wt. and I'M A WT EXPOSER. WITH LIMITED RESOURCES. UNLIKE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. john

  • juni

    Gary, hi.

    Yes I agree. You do have to pick your battles and w/the WT resources you don't have a chance. They know that you are caught between the Devil and dark blue sea.

    John - That is a very interesting thought about the RCC coming to aid. What about that Jeff?


  • johnny cip
    johnny cip


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