We met with J.R. Brown and Spivey- My impression

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  • ronin1

    My husband and I have been the recipients of elder shepherding calls. They are BS.

    Some elders came into our home one night requesting a meeting with us because they wanted to ask us questions about one of my brothers, who was an elder, but got deleted because he stood up for what was right and denounced the wrong things the elders were doing.

    My response to them was not to come into our home and ask us questions. He was not even in our congregation. Therefore, I instructed them to ask the elders in his congregation questions and do not bring their nonsense to us in our home or local our congregation.

    Also, they tried to tell me and my husband we should not support my brother in his thinking, actions, etc. (This was because I, one of our other sisters (there are five girls and three boys in my family) , my sister-in-law (his wife), and another brother accompanied my brother /elder to Bethel and we had a up-front and in-person meeting with the so-called great J.R. Brown,Spivey, and some other goony brother at Bethel because of the problems my brother/elder was experiencing in his congregation.) I promptly told these elders making this shepherding call I will support my brother if I want and whatever he decides to do with his life as far as the JW orgranization is concerned, is alright with me.

    Then they tried to insinuate and instigate that my attitude towards helping my brother was putting a strain on our marriage, since my husband really did not indicate any support or non-support as respects my brother and his actions. My husband and I were appalled and advised that there was no strain on our marriage. We advised them that as a married couple, we respect each other views when it comes to the organization whether or not we agreed. And neither of us put pressure on the other to conform or believe what our conciences did not dictate.

    I quoted them some scriptures which they really could not respond to.We never heard from them again as respects this subject.

    Just a note: So my husband let me rant and rave any time I was up-set with the organization and if I wanted to support my brother, he never stood in the way. On the other hand, I never tried to pressure him to believe what I believed. I knew that time, experience, and patience would let him see the 'light' for himself. And later in years other experiences proved just that. Today, we have basically 'faded' and feel very good about our actions and non-involvement with the JW organization.

    My point- the JW shepherding calls are really 'lynch mob' inquisitions to get you to either pledge your full allegience to the organzation ( not Jehovah God, or Almighty God, or Jesus Christ) or to get out of the organization either by DF or DA.

    This is clearly a 'cult' and only those who will abide by the 'cult's bylaws, rules, and regulations will be treated with false love and kindness.

    P.S.- Just a note about our meeting with J.R. Brown- I will put myself on the line and say that I am sure he is one of the 'evil slave class' and clearly demonic. You only have to be in his presence to know that in no way is God's holy spirit with this man or many in Bethel. He left us with an unholy bad demonic feeling when we left. It was almost like the demons were peering right through us. Do not be misled. I also spoke on the phone one evening with Theodore Jaracz about my brother/elder's problem and wanted him intercede. His response to me on the phone was that the Governing Body does not get involved with the domestic congregational problems because they are too busy traveling and taking care of the JW's internationally. He advised that is why they have the Service Committee and Writing Committee that handles the domestic congregational problems. He would not help me or my brother. (When did Christ not help his followers? Clearly those on top-GB members are demonic and not from Almighty God).


  • darcy

    to Ronin:

    they didn't do sheperding calls for a long time in my cong. I got told once by a CO that the elders are very busy with their own lives and basic maintenance in the cong, and I asked him right back (in front of several elders) "Then why are they elders if they can't do the job?"... and no one said a thing.

  • lovelylil


    Welcome! Praise the Lord that you are able to see through those "wolves in sheeps clothing". You are so right that the GB does not give one hoot about any of the lower ranking JW's. They only care what is on their agenda. You are also right that they do not show Christ like love - and Christ himself said "by their love you will know my disciples". Your experience was very telling. Lilly

  • jwsons

    Welcome Ronin1

  • jschwehm

    Yep.........the JWs tried to split me and my wife up too.

    Jeff S.


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