James Barratt - remember him?

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    He was an elder in the Rugby congregation in England. Here is the BBC report. Zenpunk posted about him here.

    After being released from prison he and his wife were moved to various other congregations and ended up in Birmingham. He has 'done his time' and was reinstated last week - please remember that this piece of scum consistently denied any wrongdoing and showed no remorse at all. I spoke to the detective inspector who lead the case against him, a professional man who knows a liar when he's dealing with one unlike most JW's.

    Now get this. James Barratts long suffering wife who stood by his side throught the whole sordid affair lived long enough to see him welcomed back into their new congregation and then died of a heart attack. She was a large hearted woman in her 50's and didn't deserve any of this. The strain she had been under the past five years finally proved too much. She leaves a son and daughter - both fine young people.

    Rest in peace Gill'.

  • learntoswim

    He's been reinstated? are you sure, whats your source. i kind of knew him before he was accused of child abuse, and I heard about a year ago he was now in stetchford congregation? I heard all sorts of odd goings on when he was df'd, what he actually testified to in his trial etc,i was never quite sure what was going on with him, everyone seemed really split, some said he was definately innocent, some said he was definately guilty.

    have posts been made on him before on this forum besides the link you posted?

    I am most interested in this case. thanks to anyone who knows any more!



  • nicolaou

    Hi LearnToSwim'

    Yes, this is definate. My 'source' is an elder who was on James Barrats original judicial committee but of course the announcement of reinstatement is now public knowledge in the West Midlands. I started more than one thread about this myself at the time the news broke but these had to be removed to avoid jeorpadising the upcoming Panorama expose.

    You are right about the split his case caused - it remains divisive to this day.


  • AudeSapere
    I started more than one thread about this myself at the time the news broke but these had to be removed to avoid jeorpadising the upcoming Panorama expose.

    Any chance that those old threads can be 'reinstated' at this time??


  • learntoswim

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. His son is a good lad, i didn't know anyone else in his family, but its such a shame what they went through, whether he's guilty or innocent, I still have no clue.

    I heard many interesting things at the time it was all happening but you just don't know who to trust, one source would say something that would convince me he's innocent, then the next day i would hear just the opposite.

  • nicolaou
    but you just don't know who to trust


    The police decided there was enough evidence to pursue the case thus it was submitted to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) who decided the case was strong enough to go to Warwick Crown Court. Having heard all the evidence a jury of 12 men and women found this man guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. The Judge, James Pike, agreed sentencing Barratt to two years imprisonment with 12 months suspended.

    These are the professional bodies and ordinary people you should trust.

    If you have any doubt call Detective Inspector Jim Hill of the Warwickshire Constabulary who led the case against Barratt. There is only so much he will tell you but he is very approachable and can explain why doubt does not enter into this case.

    James Barratt, a man in a position of authority within his congregation and trusted by his peers persisted in his depraved sexual abuse against children for over 10 years. He was only brought to justice when one of his victims, Jordan Grant (not Gordon as incorrectly reported) found the strength to report what had happened to him as a youngster. The police raided Barratts home and took his computer - which Barratt had always kept in a locked study - his family were never allowed in there on the pretense that as an elder he had to keep his files and correspondence 'confidential'. The hard drive contained child pornography.

    The case is now a matter of public record and you are free to make the effort to verify these facts.

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