Deception: When Scriptures Are Quoted Without Context

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  • metatron

    A popular habit of the Watchtower Society is to quote scriptures from about 2000 years ago - with no regard to the context of history

    or culture that caused them to be written. Consider the matter of "riches"

    Paul spoke about those "determined to be rich" stabbing themselves with many pains. Exactly what honest chance did a person

    have in ancient Rome of getting rich by any means, other than outright robbery? Did they have a state lottery? Did they have a safety

    net of welfare support? Did they offer scholarships for college? Did they value human rights and avoid corruption? Did they enforce

    civil rights legislation? Did they have an active stock market, with accounting transparency and insured bank accounts?

    Yet, scriptures like the above are freely quoted as if nothing has changed at all with regard to the possibility of an average person

    gaining wealth.

    Another one: James said that whoever would be a friend of the world is God's enemy. Do we still crucify criminals and put them

    on public display to die? Do we execute entire populations - down to the last woman or child as a matter of policy?

    Do we have civil rights legislation that has given opportunity to millions? Do we support "Indians" ( we formerly fought) with

    welfare assistance? Do we conquer nations like Germany or Japan and leave them far better off than they were before -

    unlike the entire previous history of conquest in warfare? Do we send millions of dollars to starving nations?

    Yet, again, the world is freely identified as "God's enemy" - with no regard to modern reality.

    And then there's sex.....

    Is "fornication" still as wrong if unwanted babies are prevented by birth control - unlike the Romans and others who dumped

    them in local garbage heaps? Is it wrong to be a single mom if you have the financial means to raise a child by yourself?

    or is the difference in being "wrong" just marginal here?

    I could go on and on but I suppose that recognizing that most of the world has changed would water down the endless

    "Armageddon Soon!" mantra - as well as giving credit to Christendom's churches for influencing human society to change

    for the better, across centuries.


  • Terry

    The very idea that Scriptures even contain anything verifiable as a trusted and accurate context should be viewed skeptically.

    I refer readers to the book I've been reading:

    Error is the rule of scripture and not the exception.

    Garbage IN/garbage OUT.

  • heathen

    I think the context was mostly in relation to the remnant anyway , even jesus said to what benefit is it for a man to gain the world yet lose his soul? Do not store for yourselves treasure that rust and moth may consume but rather store treasure in heaven . I think it's practical for all "christians" to not be materialistic because you were right , in order to get wealth , most people are crooks . The apostle Paul was really talking about greed when he mentioned the love of money as the root to all injurious things . Jesus also told the apostles that the world would hate them just as it did him , because the world was in darkness . The world accepts alot of things that are contrary to christian conduct and attitude . It's obvious our fleshly desires are attracted to the comforts of the world and not persuit of the kingdom . Just reading that in Romans 8 . I also think what's sad is that the WTBTS feels that married people can use contraceptives . I don't think that's something that God intended . I support V sectomies tho . Contraceptives I think actually kill the stem cell but the Vsectomy just prevents any swimmers from breaking out .

  • greendawn

    They are stuck in the mud, also consider marriage before it was very easy because life wasn't expensive people made houses with mudbricks. Nowadays one needs an x amount of money to buy a house and start a family. Or money to pay rent. Young people need to have sex long before they can afford to get married. Few can do it eg by parental help.

  • sir82

    Thought-provoking points, as usual.

    Original thoughts have not been encountered in Bethel for decades.

    Perhaps this mind-set helps explain the society's propensity to quote persons completely out of context in many of their books and brochures ("Life--How did it Get Here? By Eveolution or Creation?" and "Should You Believe in the Trinity?" as examples).

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