On the 'devil's day' - 666- a close encounter of the.....

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    ...Apostate kind.

    I took my 6 year old grand-daughter to breakfast today to celebrate her completion of Kindergarten. While eating I observed a witness and her adult daughter enter to eat. They both walked past me a couple of times and completely ignored my presence - bug surprise there. The daughter looked particularly pompous and holier than thou, though she is a sadsack, negative, low self esteem person with a massive eating disorder. Nonetheless, she was clearly superior to me! Mom was about the same.

    As we stepped to the counter to pay our bill, they happened to get up to leave at the same moment. They had to pass by me, face to face, within a foot to get to the door. The daughter briskly walked past, head held high in holy adornment. The mother however, I did not let off so lightly. I pioneered with her for years. Spent countless hours in recreation with her and her family. Our children were mates at the hall. I forced the issue [as is my custom, hehe]. I was not about to let her walk past me and pretend as if we had never met. I looked her squarely in the eyes and said with a firm and friendly voice "hello". She looked at me for the first time - no longer able to divert her eyes - she looked like a cat trapped in a fire ! In a terrified voice she uttered a weak 'hello', almost as if I was a complete stranger she was meeting in a dark alleyway. Then she quickly darted out the door.

    I must admit I enjoy seeing them cower in fear like a deer in the headlights. That discomfiture might trigger some cognitive disonance someday. No changes ever happen without a deep emotional event to trigger them, IMHO.

    By the time I write this, she has prob gotten to the Kingdom Hall, called the elders to confess her sins in speaking to a 'known apostate', cramped her legs as she pleads to her God for forgiveness for her sins. The guilt alone should boslter her field report this month.

    How sad to think that normal people could have had a nice conversation about how our families were doing, met my g-daughter, etc.

    I thank my God daily that I am out of that horrible mindset of hatred disguised as love.


  • MidwichCuckoo

    I just LOVE the way you write AK-Jeff

    called the elders to confess her sins in speaking to a 'known apostate',
    Absolutely NOTHING like Catholics - lol
  • lovelylil

    Amen Jeff!

    Once I was in the local Walmart up the street from my home and I was walking down an aisle and a "sister" from my old hall was walking up towards me and not looking ahead. When she finally saw me she panicked realizing she would have to walk right past me in a small closed in area. She was so nervous she made some funny sounds like "ahh,ahh,ahh", as she passed me and almost tripped over her feet and fell into me! Her expression was like a deer in the headlights. It was so funny, I just had to laugh out loud. As a matter of fact, I laughed about this for the rest of the day and I am laughing right now! - (hahaha, priceless!)

    Like you said, thanks to God we are free.

  • wednesday

    I talked with an" brother " recently, I have always thought him to be a reasonable man. He told me his brother had been Df for a very long time-many years, and although the reason he was Df is been fixed, he did not want to come back and be one of jws. So he does not speak to him. I asked him if his brother wanted to speak with him and tried ot keep in contact and he said that "oh yes he would love a relationship, but t I dont have social association with DF persons".(said haughtly and sternly)

    it is hopeless, he was smug and proud that his brother still wanted to speak to him but he had the upper hand, he would not speak to him he said, " let him beg, I won't budge, until he comes back to jehovah"

    He was my last hope of a normal peson in the jws religion. I give up. they are all insane. Only a crazy person would treat a family member like that. As if their haughty attitude is going to inspire love for jehovah, the apparently haughty God they worship.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    What I wonder about, in the commonality of all the experiences we have seen and been a part of - Is this - Was I like that?

    I really do not think I was. Although I do recall times when I felt compelled not to speak - I usually did anyway. I just never saw it as right to ignore and mistreat those whom I had known all my life as friends [ I use the term loosely here].

    I notice as I observe them now - and I always thought the opposite when I was borg-minded - that they all seem so terribly unhappy. Most of the older ones have gotten better at putting on a 'theocratic face' - in order to look the happy part - but the younger ones - those under 35 or so - seem unable to hide the saddness. One sister that I saw a few months back - prob about 30 now - looked like she was mentally ill now - hair looked oily, she did not seem to have a smile in the bag. Thirty years old, and has never had a date I don't think. Still driving a car that Mommy and Daddy supply so she can pioneer. So sad.

    I really pity them now. But like you said, Wednesday, I have given up much hope that humanity really resides behind the Jw mask.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Great expierance. Sure i'm gonna have alot of those.

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