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  • ColdRedRain

    168 hours ago, I was on top of the world. I had a successful date with a gal. I was looking forward to making the meetings my own personal circus like I've done so many times. I was really on top of the world. Then I had my heart played around with. I was in dispair. I was also hating my asperger's syndrome for making me socially inept and the fact I was in this weird religion. On Wed of that day, I decided to end it all. On the Teus before, I started talking with a gal. She seemed kinda cool. A bit funny. But cool. I told myself "Too bad I'm going to kill myself because this person's really cool".

    Well, she talked to me long on Wed, and she was a major help in me saving my life. Another major help was a certian person on meetup that I won't mention due to the elders being stalkers. On saturday, me and the Meetup group hung out. The day after, me and the person who was "really cool" hung out and watched DVD's.

    I never knew how sweet a person could be. How caring and understanding too. I knew that this person could be the one from the time we hung out together. A few hours later, it fell into place. We're now officially a couple.

    168 hours ago, I was worried about the actions of a fickle woman, a disorder that hampers my social development and my indoctrinated family. 168 hours later, everything has changed and I found a person that understands my differences and who helped to save my life.

    Life is funny.

  • Leolaia

    Cold Red Rain.... Thank God for the simple kindness of nice people being themselves. Does she know how much of an impact she made on you? Even if things don't lead anywhere, I'm sure you'll remember next time you feel self-loathing how she made you feel, and how it changed the way you felt about yourself in that moment.

    I'm on the spectrum too, so I relate to some of your emotions, tho things never got so bad that I ever considered suicide (instead I worked out other methods of processing emotional pain, and I haven't been there emotionally in many years, despite a lingering depression I've had for the past few years). Next time you feel frustration from interacting with others, or if you just wanted to chat with other aspies, there is an irc chatroom on starlink-irc.org, #asperger you can drop by (which is for people on the spectrum only). I haven't been there in over a year, but least I recalled there's been a good group there.

  • misspeaches

    CRR - that's wonderful news! I am so pleased for you. I hope that this woman can support you in the way you need and you can give her the support she needs.

    Big hugs for you!!!

  • TresHappy

    The sun always comes out....

  • under_believer
    I'm on the spectrum too

    I suspected, leolaia. It was really the only thing that explained your godlike erudition on Biblical subjects.

    My daughter is on the spectrum (AS and dyspraxia), my father is on the spectrum, and I have tendencies though I don't qualify for a diagnosis. I've come to recognize the symptoms. :)

    CRR, keep your chin up. You are so much better off out of the Witnesses--I think it's especially bad for people on the autistic spectrum.

  • Leolaia
  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    Does anyone know whether ADHD is considered part of the spectrum? I've known of people with autism and tourettes syndrome who were also diagnosed with ADHD. Curious because my son has ADHD and poor social skills and yet is very intelligent and sometimes we just can't shut him up when he is waxing poetic on one of his pet subjects. When he was little he used to abuse himself and scream in this high pitched voiced and would appear almost like autistic children I had seen on television. I also watched a documentary on Aspergers once and thought my son shared some of those traits as well although perhaps to a lesser degree. Could anyone tell me more about the spectrum and how it is determined where one fits?



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