Sunpar's Words - June 3, 2006

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    Sunpar's Words - June 3, 2006

    It's like the air, the wind surrounding me, the all around me, is loving me, is in love with me.

    What is this energy as the result of light and dark merging? What in myth, is this given in name?

    *blowing in the zephyr winds*
    *the winds of the west*

    INTO THE WEST..... by Annie Lennox

    Lay down
    your sweet and weary head
    night is falling you have come to journeys end
    sleep now
    and dream of the ones who came before
    they are calling
    from across the distant shores
    why do you weep
    what are these tears upon your face
    soon you will see
    all of your fears will pass away
    safe in my arms
    you're only sleeping

    what can you see
    on the horizon
    why do the white gulls call
    across the sea
    a pale moon rises
    the ships have come
    to carry you home
    the door will turn to silver glass
    a light on the water
    all soles pass

    hope fades
    into the world of night
    through shadows falling
    out of memory and time
    don't say
    we have come now to the end
    white shores are calling
    you and I will meet again

    and you'll be hear in my arms just sleeping
    Enjoy this energy. Give it whatever name you wish.
    Integrated we stand.
    In Lac'Ech,
    "I am another yourSelf."

    © Sunpar 6-3-06

    Something to share with all of you to go along with todays words. ...... I still cry. *S* But for understanding now. (((hugs))) This was made by my sister in Key West.


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    I forgot to say again that Sunpar is also TuningFork.

    Have a marvelous day!

    Love ya!

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