Multiple zipper tabs....GRRRRR!!!!!

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  • coffee_black

    Who decided that it was a good idea to put 2 zipper tabs on each zipper in luggage and bags? It used to be easy…the zipper started at one end…and it went one way to open and one way to close. Simple. But no…now there are 2 tabs, which opens up all sorts of frustrating possibilities. Sometimes (most of the time, actually) I pull the wrong one, thinking I’m opening it…but I’m really just pulling both tabs and all I’ve accomplished is to move the whole thing to the other side...and it is still closed.

    My computer bag has 5 compartments…an office on wheels. Each compartment closes with a zipper…so there are 10 tabs to choose from. Why? What possible advantage is there to this? I have daily fights with the thing…and I can’t find a new one that doesn’t have this same wacky feature.

    I’d like to find the person responsible for this exercise in frustration and give him/her a piece of my mind.

    All I know is that if they ever decide to do this to the zippers on pants, the human race is doomed.

    Ok, I feel better now.


  • hubert

    Because now it's made for right or left handed people, you silly.

    And, if your ambidextrious, you can use both at once.

    Does this help, coffee? LOL !!


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