Women's lust for a power man but not always????

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  • spectromize

    One of the things that impresses me most about the Bible is the Bible book of The song of Solomon.

    It has always been my experience as a man to know that women are attracted to powerful and influential men according to their domain.

    Let me explain, being in the organization ,single sisters are often admonished to make their prize catch an elder or ministerial servant if they are considering marriage.

    Well unfortunately I have to disagree with that kind of thinking as I have come across outstanding brothers who reflect God's spirit to a great extent without them being appointed in the cong. as MS or Elder.

    When looking at the world in general, we see that to a great extent the wordly spirit, as regards our topic of discussion, that beautiful women go for so called highly placed ones in society such as lawyer's, doctor's, or business men...or the affluent...

    One of the big mistakes being made here is, TRUE LOVE is often left out for the material advantages to the detriment of some marriages. Again, I'm not saying all marriages, but a good portion of them.

    When comparing this to the good looking black girl shulammite maiden, we truly see why The True God wanted this book recorded in the inspired scriptures.

    Keep your heads up out there all you single shepperd boys in the midts of God's people,
    Think about it, there are true women who will love you for who you are and not because of prestige, although rare.

    Not even the 2nd wisest man to ever live, with all his glory and his gifts and his wise persuasions was able to take the shulammite woman away from her shepperd boy, as humble as was his occupation.

    May Jehovah bless all of you married Brothers who have a Shulammite.

    A lover of the song of Solomon,


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