To the 'Report' guys

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  • Zep

    Does 'The Report' have any cooking recipes in it, like say Hungarian Goulash or anything? I would be very interested in buying your book if it had a good chili recipe in it?

  • waiting

    Howdy Zep!

    I have a receipe for an easy cake called "Better Than Sex Cake." I made it for a gathering of all different ages. Comments ranged from:

    1. "Better than I remembered sex." (80 yr old aunt).

    2. "Been so long, I don't remember anyway." (80 yr old friend she was talking to.)

    3. "Takes longer to finish than sex with my wife." (My cousin)

    4. "It was made to last longer." (my cousin's wife.)

    5. "Depends on how long you've been married." (my loving husband)

    Really is a good cake - and on a given day - just depends on how good.


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