Children and exes..

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  • PoppyR

    Short background, i am seperated, ex is still a witness, but very weak, all my family and his very devout, I allow my younger brother to come once a week to study with my two boys 11+12. Which you might think is nuts, but I want more than anything to give them choice, and not to be in direct opposition to their father or other family.

    Youngest son is a nightmare in the And last week i said to him he does not have to have the study and I will speak to his dad about it if he wants to stop.

    So he tells me that his dad sat him down and said to him "it's up to you, you can choose to listen and live, or do what you want and die"

    More to it than that, but the age old threat of death if you do not behave.

    Both my boys believe it's the truth, so far I have only encouraged them to question everything, and tried to provide alternative viewpoints. I am just fading so also need to be careful what I say.

    But I am upset about this latest development and dont know what to say to my son to help him.


  • KW13

    It says in the bible, judging others is wrong and the way you judge someone else you too will be judged.

    Jesus said take my yoke upon you and went on to say how light to carry it was. Does this 'life or death' thing sound like something christ said?

    As a child who is still learning, how could he expect God to judge him on this choice. Its about learning more and seeing more, experiencing more before you dive in and accept. There are two sides to every story. That threat is blackmail and doesn't allow for choice and looking past the first things you read, you have to be able to look elsewhere otherwise what can you compare the truth to?

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