Beware of what lurks behind a door.

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  • orangefatcat

    Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I needed to goet out anad get some fresh air. I was kind of looking for prices of laptops as I felt that the dest top is in my living room and being sick so much lately and with my desk top pc wouldn't fit into my bedroom so I thought of getting a lap top.

    and way there is a store on our street that is small and sells pc's and laptops. I was window shopping for prices. The next thing that happened was the lady who owns the store came out and invited me into her store, I didn't think my scooter would fit in but with some smart maneouvers I got into the store. I was looking at a varitey of lap tops and she asked me about what my choices would be and I said it all depended upon how much money I may get from my settlement with the bus company and she asked about the accidents and also why I used a scooter. She noted my beautiful crucifix I was wearing and she said I see you are a religious person, and I said yes I was and she said praying to God can help us with our difficulties in life. Then the BOOM< she says, Terry do you know the name of God and I said of course I its Jehovah. She was rather taken back, I mean here I am with this cross on and medillians of St Francis of Assisi . how is that I know the name of God,

    she then proceded to tell me she was a JW. yep just what I needed to highlight my day... I told her that I am aware of JW,s because I use to be one. She was shocked and said you were. I said yes for 38 years I was and now i am dissfellowhipped so I guess you shouldn't speak with me about the so called Truth. Well then she said to me well Terry I too am dissfellowshipped and I am trying to get back into the organization, she said she just need ed to do the letter writing as she told the elders in her congregation and they informed her as what to do. (which bty .was the same one I was in for 11 years).

    So I knew all the persons she knows. Well I thought to myself she is trying to get back in and I am going to try and tell her she might be making a mistake. I explained the UN thing and abouit the Pedeophile cover ups in the cong.s and so forth and she was really shocked. I told her that the date of 607 was not accurate and the brother who brought this to the attention of the resst of the governing body disfellowhipped him for apostacy.

    Then she proclaims she doesn't really worry about what goes on in Bethel and the GB. which I found rather odd but anyway she said that she was more concerned about being a good witness in the hall and let Jehovah handle the rest. I told her the text in Deut. about how true prophets of God only speak truthfully and I told her at the GB level they makle all kinds of assertions which are and have been proven to be false so how could the GB claim to be God's true prophets.

    There was really no reasoninng with her she said she is in a protective box free of this world and its infuences of Satan, I snickered because she said it right she is in a BOX she really doesn't know how brainwashed she really is. She gave me a printed invite to the Memorial and I thanked her and I asked her to think about what I said. Then I left. Wow talk about being all mixed up and in a box they surely are brainwashed.

    Thought you'd enjoy this tale of my day yesterday

    love ya


  • Frog

    wow OFC what a day you've had!

    no doubt you've planted some seeds that she will be able to reflect upon in her own quiet time. so don't for a moment doubt the good word you've done.

    an absolute star effort by you! x

  • Woofer

    She'd better hurry up and get back in because ya know . .the end is sooo close .

  • BluesBrother

    OFT , great to see that are out and about and able to do spot of "informal anti witnessing". Well Done!!

    Then she proclaims she doesn't really worry about what goes on in Bethel and the GB. which I found rather odd but anyway she said that she was more concerned about being a good witness in the hall and let Jehovah handle the rest.

    That is just so typical. People want the 'Truth' to be the truth, and they just won't have it any other way. I get the same reaction to the UN scandal. They just shrug and say they don't really care and why do we make such a big thing out of it.

    "The easiest thing of all is to DECEIVE one's self; for what a man wishes ,he generally believes to be TRUE." Demothenes

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Oh man!! What a way to spend your outing - talking to a JW with full blinders on.

    I don't think I'd be too happy as an employer knowing that an employee was talking religion with my customers.


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    What a poor, lost soul

    Let's hope like Frog said, that you at least planted a seed for the future.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    ofc; i think you may want to go shopping there a few more times. before you make your choice of p.c.'s you have a captive audience. i would make the most of it. drill her till she gives you that laptop . for cost. test the pc in her store. bringing up a few preselected sites. i'm sure you will have fun... john

  • kls

    Like i told you on the phone ,,,,,,,,,,,,Thats what you get for window shopping,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lol

    Smooches to OFC

  • orangefatcat

    thanks guys, you know what I was thinking? some one posted this evening a website that has a video that was called "Jehovah's Witnesses Exposed". and I thought wow I need to get this gals url and send it to her. I just bet she may change how she feels about the witnesses. thanks johnny for the fine idea of going back again. I will do it . I mean it isn't too late as she is still disfellowshipped.

    Monkey you stink, but I love you to bits.....smootchies back at you


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