"A Clinic for Abuse Patients."

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  • scout575

    "The main purpose of this site is to help the person who has left or is leaving Christianity to deal with the damage done by Christianity in a healthy and useful way. The extrmemity of the damage done to people is so great and common-place that a caring response is very needed. This site is like a clinic for abuse patients."

    "Sometimes the abuse was directly personal, such as sexual abuse at the hands of a pastor or Christian parents. Other times the very doctrines and practices of Christianity themselves were the source of the abuse."

    The above is a quote from the 'forum guidelines' of one of the many message boards for ex-Christians. What is it about the "doctrines and practices of Christianity" that brings so much harm to so many of its adherents?

  • candidlynuts

    because all religions are set up to put SOME people in power over OTHER people. and once in power, some abuse that power .

    since it is religion, followers guards are down and they are even more vulnerable to attack from predators.

  • tmo1965

    Please don't confuse "regular" Christianity with cultic Christianity. There are abuses of power in all aspects of life, not just in the church. Unfortunately, the majority is often judged by the actions of a few. Anyway, this site focuses primarily on JWs. The WTS use mind control techniques that are detrimental to individuals. Most other Christian denominations don't use "information control", "time control", "relationship control" among others to manipulate there members.

  • scout575

    tmo 1965: The ex-Christian website that I quoted from includes people who come from from all different kinds of Christianity. This is not a website for people who were in 'wacky' Christian groups, and yet they still make the above points in their 'forum guidelines'. Its interesting to note that some of the posters refer to Christianity as "The Cult", refer to the "mind control" of the "The Cult" and continually refer to the huge relief that they feel in being out of "The Cult". Maybe you'd benefit from reading some of the ex-Christian websites, they certainly make for some interesting ( and hair-raising ) reading.

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