"This thing called Love"

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  • rockhound

    "This thing called Love" has surely proven to be an elusive thing, to put your finger on. In an organization who "equates disagreement with disloyalty" It seems that almost every one in the congregation down deep is harboring something that they disagree with about the organization, but they know better than to let anyone know, except their closest friends, and even then their words are well chosen and spoken in guarded terms."Please don't repeat what I just said to anybody" is the usual caution. WHY??

    How are doubts possible in "Spiritual Paradise"? More and more though, behind closed doors where the elders can't see, the computer keyboards prove to be the cork that lets the Genie out of the bottle. Why is this necessary in an organization that is constantly telling its readers how loving it is? I believe the answer is that all to many times the brothers have seen what happens to those who have voiced a disapproving comment about the obvious lack of Christian love that they see going on in the congregations.

    All to many times, dreams of a loving united brotherhood become nightmares ending with divided families, and lost friends. "How could this happen to me?" "I loved the brotherhood, and they loved me!! " Didn't they"????? How could people we have known for years, join the "Gossip Mill" and worse yet, believe all those loose lips, when they have never talked to us personally about any concerns that we may have. When I read about "This thing called Love" in the Bible, I am drawn to it like a magnet, I feel deeply moved, when I see the words of Scripture followed as they were meant to be. On the other hand, when I stand back and take a good look at the "Spiritual Paradise" found in congregations today, I find that just as in the "Paradise of Eden", there are serpents that lie and deceive. When the "Wizards" curtain is pulled back, the one pulling the strings and pushing the levers is corporate, and not divine. Who can save us from "This thing called Love" (Watchtower Style) that causes so much pain to so many for so long? Even the Watchtower is getting out of Brooklyn. Maybe its time we did to.


  • cosmic


    Good piece. Kevin Phillips made the statement that "history repeats itself in outline." and I have to agree with him. I wondered if it was irony, or just curious coincidence, that your words about love, and purpose, and community within the the WTS are really a modernizing, a paraphrasing, of Jesus and his merry band of followers, about Israel in the first century. It has been an amusement for me, over the past few weeks, to hear the people on this site relay their experiences with JCs and pompous ass Elders, that are instant replays of Jesus being accused of blasphemy by the Sanhedrin. But nobody seems to notice. Your words are chilling because they are so true, but also because we've read them before, just before another sick, dying, evil religious organization bit the big one too.

  • greendawn

    During my time as a JW I certainly didn't sense any brotherly love in the congo and other neighbouring ones it was in fact a very cold and inhospitable environment unless you had lots of family there.

    And so it is with the org they impose a lot of rules but in practice they never do anything to help out their followers, this loveless spirit begins and then flows downward from the top. The GB are just a power lusting self serving lot.

  • Mrs.Congeniality

    I LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Once again, a excellent post by Rock hound!!! We love you too!! And are so... VERY greatful to finally see the TRUTH as hard as it is/was to accept!


  • juni

    Good post Rockhoud -

    You're not telling us anything that we haven't all experienced.

    It's a conditional love - as long as you do exactly what the org. wants you to do and according to your individual cong. of pharisees you are "loved".

    Go outside of the box for a moment and your faith will be questioned.


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