Why don't we standardize it?

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  • hamsterbait

    Wye oh wye do I love Wy - o - ming?


    I vote we refer always to Borg victims as "WITLESSES" from now on.

    This is to draw attention to the fact that many of them are unwittingly deceived.

    To alert others not yet ensnared that they are being witless or unwitting in accepting so much on so little real evidence.

    That those who stay in the BORG after reading the overwhelming evidence presented to them are witless.

    JWS, unlike any mature religion, cannot tell jokes about themselves. Jews, Catholics all do it. Dubs have no sense of WIT about themselves. Hence, witless.

    HB (of the "Hoping for the Best" class)


    I don't agree with the blanket catagorization of "Witless." Most are not, and there sound psychological and evidentiary reasons for the non blanket application.

    However, when they have been presented the overwhelming evidence and they still stay for reasons other than family, then yes, the "Witless" moniker should be applied.

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