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  • nicolaou

    Started this as I didn't want to hijack Serene's specific call for assistance.

    When you were still 'in', do you remember how you answered questions like; "Do you really believe that God will destroy everyone but Jehovah's Witnesses"? If you were anything like me you would have been able to look your questioner straight in the eye and answer honestly "No". If necessary I'd then have gone on to explain that "Jehovah offers everyone an opportunity to live forever, our preaching work is an attempt to give all nations . . yadda, yadda, yadda." You get the picture.

    So why is it that now we are 'out' we should expect anything different from our family and friends who are still trapped? We need to frame our questions carefully!

    alt"Do you really believe that God will destroy everyone but Jehovah's Witnesses"?

    alt"Do you really believe God will kill everyone who persistently rejects Jehovah's Witnesses"?

    alt "Would you let your child die if they needed blood"?

    alt "If all other options had been exhausted and only a series of platelet transfusions would save your childs life, would you permit it"?

    And so on. It's true that the new questions may be less pithy but the reason is obvious, you've closed down the escape routes. You are forcing their minds to face options which they would normally step over.


  • KW13

    Excellent! And after they are out (if it gets that far) they can then see it without tinted glasses and realise your argument fully and realise the jw's were lying...

    Not bad

  • nicolaou

    No-one got any others then?

  • nicolaou


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