JWs & Illegal/Undocumented Immigrants

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    There is legislation in the U.S. Congress regarding illegal/undocumented immigrants. Part of the language deals with churches assisting illegal immigrants.

    Much of the increase in the U.S. branch is due to growth of Spanish-speaking congregations, and a large part of these congregations are made up of illegal/undocumented immigrants. A typical Spanish congregation often needs help. There are a lot of publishers, but few "qualified" brothers to act as Min Servants or elders..they won't even let these guys "take the lead" on weekly yard work.

    If the legislation passes in some similar form, it will be a felony for churches to assist illegal immigrants. I'm not looking for a discussion on the politics per se...Rather, if legislation passes do you think this will have a significant impact on the U.S. JWs? Will the WTS comply with Caesar's law or look the other way as long as it benefits the Org?

  • inbyathread

    The WTS has had a don't ask - don't tell policy for illegal/undocumented immigrants for years. The Botchtower has mentioned that Elders should counsel ones to go through the legal process to get documented and apply for a work visa or whatever. This covers their legal butts. If they 'don't know' that a person is undocumented, they cannot be held responsible. They really don't care if the undocumented worker is a MS or not. He is out there collecting donations(tm) for the corporate shareholders. Since there are millions of undocuments workers in the U.S. alone, if one gets caught and shipped out there will be another close by to take his or her spot. There is plenty of cheap slave labor to go around.

  • blondie

    *** km 2/93 p. 3 Announcements ***

    All resident aliens in the United States who were issued green cards prior to 1978 must apply for and obtain a new card. The new card will have the photograph, fingerprint, and signature of the individual. Filing early is suggested. Application forms can be obtained by calling 1-800-755-0777 or the local INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) office. Compliance with this legal requirement will prevent certain employment and travel problems and is in harmony with Romans chapter 13.


    w77 3/15 pp. 191-192 Questions from Readers

    A man I know is progressing toward Christian baptism, but his visa to be in this country has expired. What should I advise him?

    You certainly should commend him for desiring to know and follow God’s counsel. The Scriptures urge Christians to be law-abiding, to pay to Caesar what is Caesar’s. (Matt. 22:21) Hence, it would be good for you to urge this man to do what he can to rectify his status, which may at present be considered that of an illegal alien.

    Evidently he is not stealing, lying, living in immorality or otherwise violating God’s moral laws plainly stated in the Bible. We mention this because a person who is breaking God’s laws must repent and turn around before he will qualify for Christian baptism. (1 Cor. 6:9, 10; Acts 26:20; 2:38) But, this man wants to know, What about complying with the laws of the land, such as in his case?

    The Bible advises Christians to obey the laws of the land in all matters where there is no conflict with God’s law. (Rom. 13:1; Acts 5:29) The apostle explained that by doing this we will not need to fear punishment from the authorities who punish lawbreakers. Also, we can thus have a clear conscience.—Rom. 13:3-5.

    Still, God’s Word does not charge the Christian congregation, through its overseers, with the obligation to become acquainted with all the details of civil and criminal law so as to enforce these. We can see this in how Paul handled the case of Onesimus.

    Onesimus was a slave of a Colossian Christian named Philemon. For some selfish reason Onesimus fled to Rome so he could lose himself in the masses of people there; he may even have robbed his master before fleeing. In Rome as a runaway slave (Latin, fugitivus) Onesimus came in contact with Paul, became a Christian and ministered to Paul. In time the apostle urged Onesimus to return to his legal master, Paul even encouraging Philemon to receive Onesimus as a brother and to treat him kindly.—Philem. 8-22.

    Take note that while Onesimus was in Rome the apostle Paul did not hand him over to the Roman authorities for punishment as a fugitive slave and possibly a thief. We know from his writings that Paul believed that a Christian should obey the law of the land, but plainly he did not consider it the congregation’s duty to serve as an arm of the government in policing individuals’ lives. Also, we can observe that Onesimus’ situation was not treated as a barrier to his getting baptized. Eventually Onesimus, likely motivated by counsel such as had been written earlier in Romans 13:1-5 and by Paul’s personal urgings, chose to return to his legal master.

    The Christian congregation today follows a course harmonious with this Biblical pattern. It does not, before allowing a person to get baptized or continue in the congregation, check to see if someone’s home meets every detail of the building code, whether he has satisfied every detail as to his legal status in the country, and so forth.

    This by no means suggests that God’s people care little about Caesar’s laws. On the contrary, we are well known as a people who strive to be law-abiding; many governmental officials have praised Jehovah’s Witnesses for this. It is even as Paul wrote about obeying the government, "Keep doing good, and you will have praise from it."—Rom. 13:3.

    In particular should men who take the lead in the congregation be exemplary in this respect. The Bible says about elders and ministerial servants that they should be "irreprehensible," ‘having a fine testimony from people on the outside’ and being "free from accusation." (1 Tim. 3:2, 7, 10) Thus a Christian who chooses to ignore well-known legal requirements of "Caesar" would hardly be in position to be recommended for such offices in the congregation. Men recommended for such privileges should be ones "holding firmly to the faithful word," not only in what they say, but also in how they choose to live, including their applying the counsel to pay "Caesar’s things to Caesar."—Titus 1:7-9.

    True, each individual, Christian or not, is personally responsible as to whether he complies with civil laws. Yet, it will be kind on your part to share with your acquaintance these Scriptural thoughts. Indeed, the Bible’s counsel to be obedient to governmental laws is wise and for our good. By applying it Christians can avoid troublesome problems and enjoy a clear conscience in serving God.


    g86 6/22 pp. 15-16 The Statue of Liberty—A Promise Fulfilled? ***

    In 1986 a refurbished Lady Liberty shines forth, still inviting the tired, the poor, and the homeless to find refuge on her shores—but with a difference. Today there are strong voices raised against the U.S. immigration policy. For some the policy is too liberal, and for others it is too strict. While some Catholic and Protestant clergy offer sanctuary to illegal aliens, other voices are demanding stricter controls. Thus Liberty’s message of welcome is becoming somewhat garbled and indistinct.


    g02 1/22 p. 10 Finding a Place to Call Their Own ***


    the Cost Before Migrating for Economic Reasons

    In view of the many criminal gangs involved in trafficking migrants and the difficulty of immigrating legally to countries of the developed world, husbands and fathers should carefully consider the following questions before making a decision.

    1. Is our economic situation really so desperate that one or all of the family must move to a country where wages are higher?

    2. How much debt would we incur to finance the trip, and how will the debt be repaid?

    3. Is it worth breaking up the family for economic advantages that may prove unrealistic? Many illegal migrants find it practically impossible to obtain regular employment in developed countries.

    4. Should I believe the stories about high wages and social benefits? The Bible says that "anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps."—Proverbs 14:15.

    5. What guarantee do I have that we would not be putting ourselves in the hands of a criminal organization?

    6. If such a criminal group did organize the journey, do I understand that my wife—or my daughter—might well find herself forced to work as a prostitute?

    7. Do I realize that if I enter a country as an illegal immigrant, I may be unable to obtain fixed employment and could be repatriated, losing all the money I have invested in the journey?

    8. Do I want to consider becoming an illegal immigrant or resorting to dishonest measures in order to gain admittance to a wealthier country?—Matthew 22:21; Hebrews 13:18.
  • mariposa

    That's a good question. I ended my stay in the truth in a spanish cong. and it didn't seem to phase anyone they were illegal. I think yesterday they took out the clause about people helping illegals would be a felony.

    However, I don't think new, tougher laws, if they pass, would affect the spanish cong. in many ways. For one, the wts needs its dinero. If the people stayed here, then they would get more. But of the people were sent home, without good paying jobs, the amount would go way down...even if they worked in their home countries. Also, most of the new growth here is in the spanish cong. Can you imagine what the us statistics would look like if they left? Some may stay witnesses when they returned home, but I knew several who were witnesses while family back home was mostly catholic.

  • mariposa

    Thanks Blondie for putting up what the wts thinks.

    This is one prime example of the wts printing "the right thing" yet underneath it all not following any of its own instruction. No one I met in 3 different spanish cong. tried to get the brothers to follow caesar's law.

  • blondie

    BTW, mariposa, it is the 1977 WT article explanation that the WTS used in the past for not reporting child molesters to the authorities.


  • GoingGoingGone
    a large part of these congregations are made up of illegal/undocumented immigrants. A typical Spanish congregation often needs help. There are a lot of publishers, but few "qualified" brothers to act as Min Servants or elders..

    That is the case here, too. A friend who is an elder in one spanish cong. here estimates that over half of his congregation is here illegally. I asked him why the elders don't do anything about it... He replied, 'What can we do?'

    I think the WTS will look the other way in the same manner they always do - cover their corporate butts, and if push comes to shove, blame it on 'disobedience' on a local level. After all, they were councelled to follow Ceaser's law, you know. Blondie's WT lit. quotes prove that perfectly.


  • R6Laser

    And what can they do besides to encourage them to get their status legally? Another question would be what are you doing to help the illegal immigrants you know? Or are you just covering your ass?


    You have tapped one of my pet peeves, illegal immigration. I live in L.A. and I watch in horror as the sovreignty & laws of the U.S. are violated on an hourly basis.

    Unfortunately, niether political party in the U.S. has a clue about the damage they are doing by continuing to allow this to take place.

  • hallelujah


    Re: JWs & Illegal/Undocumented Immigrants

    You have tapped one of my pet peeves, illegal immigration. ; I live in L.A. and I watch in horror as the sovreignty & laws of the U.S. are violated on an hourly basis.

    Unfortunately, niether political party in the U.S. has a clue about the damage they are doing by continuing to allow this to take place.

    Hi EXJW4EV

    I seem to remember that the whole of California, (Like Australia) was wrested away from it's original inhabitants by force in the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848. Only difference is that in California, it was first taken from the Indians by the Spanish, who constituted it Mexico, and then it was simply taken away at murderpoint by the United States. A little bit like the biblical tales of extermination and ethnic cleansing by the Israelites in the name of YHWH.

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