Once in a while I go visit a JW friend like me, who never goes to meetings

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  • JH

    Maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I visit a JW, who just like me doesn't attend meetings since years and has no desire of going back. I met him when I was a JW. He is much older than me, maybe in his early 60's, and he is all alone in life. The JW's never go over to see him. The elders might go over once a year to encourage him, but he has seen too much in the congregation, and doesn't believe in it anymore.

    Once he told me that he saw brothers and sisters, not married together, enter a hotel room nearby. I was really surprised when he told me that. He had the class of not telling me who it was, but often he told me that. He told me that even when he was a JW, he played lotto, he also slept around...He said, "the JW's are just like any other people, not better not worse. The way he talked, he knew alot, but it's not his type to talk about others behind their back.

    I think that some are worse, because some are hipocrites, they say one thing in the field service, and do the oppisite once they get home.

    And I thought that the brothers were all saints...lol

    Basically, this guy is in his early 60's, he is single, doesn't work, lives of welfare, is inactive, and no one in the organization goes over to see him. He has no friends. But I go over to see him once in a while.

    I was just wondering if any of you still go see JW's or XJW's that you met when you were in the JW's.

  • serendipity

    Well, I go to see my mother who goes to 2 or 3 meetings a year. Does she count?

  • misspeaches

    Hey ya I like to catch up with my faded friend Bliss Is Ignorance... but that's kinda different to your situation JH.

    Its a little eye opening isn't it though when you find out your Christian brothers and sisters don't behave in a very christian manner at all!!!

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