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  • mdb

    How does the Watchtower obtain their funds - more specifically, individual Kingdom Halls?

    I know that they receive money through investments and Real Estate, but at the local level is there an offering taken during Sunday morning services? Do the members have to pay for their own Watchtower and Awake! subscriptions? Do you have to buy your own books and other study materials?


  • misspeaches

    They pride themselves on the fact that they don't pass the collection plate. However they do have Contribution Boxes placed at the entrances to the hall. At the service meetings they continually discuss how much money needs to be donated. I remember growing up when our body of elders decided it would be a good idea to have everyone write down on a peice of paper who they were and how much they planned to contribute financially. This apparantly is not normal practice however.

    JWs must purchase all their own literature. They go to the literature counter, order their publications and then put in an appropriate contribution to cover the cost of them in yet another contribution box. Then they go and place the publications with people and are to bring that money to the hall as well.

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