Speed traps in your area

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  • JH


    I don't encourage anyone to drive over the speed limit, but I find this site interesting, and could help you avoid a speeding ticket.

  • mariposa

    This was front page in our local news section today. They had a few areas around where I live, but the one spot where the cops are ALWAYS at wasn't listed. I just went and posted it. Thanks for the reminder

  • merfi

    I love my radar detector


  • Scully

    That's a cool website JH. Thanks!

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    There was an interesting story locally. It seems a private company was contracted to set up radar guns and cameras at many of the local school zones. If you tripped the gun the camera would photograph your license plate and you would get a ticket in the mail. Several thousand tickets were issued in the space of a month, many to police offices, lol. The city raised holy hell and the program was suspended even though the voters had complained (and rightly so) that speeding through school zones was epidemic. They are still wrangling over it in city council.

  • Mary

    I love my radar detector

    I'd LOVE to have one, but they're illegal in Ontario.........I got a frigging ticket a couple of weeks ago---doing 70 kms in one of the zones that are listed on that site.........the speed limit there is 50 kms. but no one does that as it's a highway for gods sake. Anyway, I was nice to the po-leece man so he marked that I was only doing 60 kms so I wouldn't lose any points.

  • xjwms


    have you been speeding?

    that red toyota will roll real nice and smooth

  • JH

    No, I never speed.

    Instead of speeding to get someplace faster, I leave earlier and try not to go more than 10 or 15 km/h faster than the limit.

    That usually works well for me.

    Yah, maybe red cars get spotted faster too

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