Did you ever wonder...?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    When I was a JW I remember that sometimes we would talk about the split after Rutherford took over the WTS. I knew "some" people had left the WTS over doctrinal issues. Of course we were never told what those doctrinal issues were..

    But I would occasionally wonder what happened to those who left.

    • Did they still have a group?
    • How could they be found?
    • Was it possible I was in the wrong group?

    Of course I quickly pushed those thoughts aside and since I had no idea how to research the issue I always let it drop. After all "my" group was known around the world. No one knew what happened to those who left.

    Well now we know they are still active and there are several websites for those who continued to follow the teachings of Russell.

    So.... did you ever wonder what happened to them? Dids you ever wonder if you were in the right group?

  • AuldSoul

    No. The WTS said that the organizations of such splintering dissidents eventually just died off. I trusted what they said, because such a simple check could prove them false. Surely they wouldn't mislead about something that easy to verify. Little did I know.


  • greendawn

    I never did for as long as I was under the influence of the WTS because they demonised them so much as apostates and made out Rutherford to be a saint that had gone to prison and really stood up for the truth.

    They obviously distorted the truth here as in so many other places it was Rutherford that was the villain that took over Russell's org through perverse trickery and changed his teachings to the point that the JWs today have very little in common with Russellism and I wonder why they call him their founder.

    Not that I care about Russellism but the dubs are lying when they say he is their founder.

  • Honesty
    Did you ever wonder...?

    No, the Kool-Aid they were giving me was strong enough to keep my stupid butt happified.

  • mariposa

    Yes, I remember talking with the lady I studied with about Ray Franz and what happened during that time period. Looking back now, she didn't have a clue about what went down. She mainly just kept pointing out how "apostates" can creep into the TOP of the org. When I asked what happened, she really didn't know. When I asked what they are doing now, she said I should stop asking.

    I ended up keeping my thoughts to myself afterwards. Eventually, I believed I shouldn't even conjure up the thought of apostates.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Honesty I just about spit shepherd's pie all over my screen

    isn't it just amazing how they taught us to censor our thoughts. Talk about mind control!!!

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