Angels leaving heaven

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  • cosmic

    I didn't want to hijack Auld Soul's thread on the Nephilim, but this is a subject that has always intrigued me. Namely, the Angels leaving Heaven to boff the daughters of men. My question was, did all of the Angels Materialize as males? If so, why? Auld Soul replied that there may have been some "Sapphic" interest, so maybe some Angels did materialize as females. But that wasn't my point.

    If the Angels materialized as men to have sex with the daughters of men, it makes me wonder if Heaven might be a pretty boring place. The WTS teaches that humans are a "lower life form" than Angels, well, I've heard of some definite sickos among the human race that really get off having sex with lower life forms, but I never heard of any that wanted to become a memeber of the lower life form (nor do I want to, really). But, the issue is that if having sex is more pleasurable than anything that can be gotten in Heaven, why does everybody want to go to Heaven? I mean, a round water bed, a couple of blondes, and a generous supply of Bob Dole specials and hey, what more is there? (Wow, what a dismal thought.)

    Further, if the Angels "materialized" themselves to the point of being able to generate offspring, why? Why not just start off with a vasectomy? Seems like it would be easy enough, and why would a being capable of living forever have any interest in offspring anyway?

    Which brings up the motivation for the Angels to leave Heaven for earthly women, what is it? Simple, everyday Earthly pleasures? (Well, hey, I spent a few semesters in a frat house, I can relate.) But, what in the world could the Angels get out of cohabiting with human women that they couldn't get in Heaven? The only logical thing that I could come up with was "worship". Supposedly, that was what did the Debbil in from the start. But if an Angel wanted to be worshipped, it would seem to me that a stupendous mixture of Mae West and Marilyn Monroe, and she'd pretty much own the male population. Talk about worship! "Okay, boys! First one to bring me a peach, wins a cherry!" Christ, she'd start a war!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Presumably angels are sterile. What is odd is not that the angels took on human form, but that they CREATED for themselves the ability to recreate.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    From all the info that you posted here, Cosmic, and you, Midwich Cuckoo, I'm deducing that all the alleged info we have about angels was just contrived by someone's creative imagination. Some people are just great story tellers and can be very convincing......enough to have their ideas published as "God's words" or thoughts. Looking around at the lower life forms on this planet should tell anyone who's interested in that aspect of the research into the "why" of angel's allegedly abandoning their life in heaven for earthly pleasures, that the alleged angels in question HAD to have been the equivalent of back-woods Bubba rednecks that have been inbred for much too long.


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