Now I know how to keep your teeth from being stained...

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  • TresHappy

    Just drink thru a straw like our beloved brother Prince... Before Prince went onstage before 1,200 fans at Miami club Mansion – where he played new songs along with Purple Rain-era hits and a cover of Janet Jackson's "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" – he spent the previous night at hot spot Prive with his newest protégée, Tamar. And he had some unusual requests. First he had the staff close all the vents in the VIP section because he was chilly. Then he ordered three bottles of port wine – telling his server he needed a straw so he wouldn't stain his teeth. The royal treatment continued the next night after his concert, when Mansion set up its exclusive upstairs room Level Six for him for the first time since the club opened a year and half ago. But for Prince it was all old hat: The room used to be his private lair in the '90s when he owned the nightclub in its former life as Glam Slam.

  • luna2

    Somehow, sucking wine through a straw seems so....wrong.

    I'm almost surprised Prince doesn't carry his own special designer straw with him at all times so he wouldn't have to ask for one. He could even have a scantily clad female straw assistant....oh, wait, he's a dub now. Okay, he can hire a modestly dressed sis from his KH for the job. Won't have the same flair, but what's a brother to do?

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