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    John Doe

    Paste the above link into your browser--I promise it's worth it.

    It got me thinking. Most of us see ourselves as autonomous. When we began to understand the human body, we learned about organs. However, we soon learned that organs do not act independently, and we bagan to speak or organ systems. Then we know that organisms are made up of organ systems. However, is the organism the top of the chain?

    Lately I'm beginning to think not. We have societys, with each person functioning in specific roles, acting cohesively as a group. Societys make up cultures, cultures make up nations, nations make up countries. Countries act in specific ways that identify them as one organism. Then we have united governemnts and coallitions, all making up the human infrastructure of the planet. But then, does it stop there? A toe nail may not be specifically linked to a brain cell, but they are still part of a collective functioning that keeps the group going--they are not independent.

    So then, is our planet a cell to some larger organism? Is our solar system? Our galaxy? Perhaps "God" is the collective "organism" that is entirety of itself and is not a component of anything greater? What if our entire universe is merely a colon cell in some mammoth organism? (a pimple in God's ass if you will lol) Ok ok, pretty far out there, but thats what this link made me think of. ;-)

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    I love that site and have it bookmarked.


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