The National Lottery, the WTBTS and the Scam!

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  • Gill

    There was a programme a few weeks ago on the radio, interviewing a woman who used to work for the National Lottery, in the UK.

    She said that the way the Lottery preferred it was that, everyone in the country gave them one pound on a Wednesday and a Saturday and that people were not going 'overboard' giving massive bets and then getting flat broke. Now, there are at least 60 million people in the UK. Take away the children, let's say roughly 40 million. Isn't that just lovely! You can get 40 million pounds twice a week, that's 80 million pounds a week just for holding out the hope of winning 3 million on a Wednesday and 5 million on a Saturday and a few lesser prizes. Tha's quite a profit.

    Now consider the WTBTS scam. They don't mind that their JW slaves are poor. They're more or less guaranteed at least a couple of pounds off each JW a week for nothing except the hope of one day 'maybe' living forever. Nothing else is offered or guaranteed. It's quite a scam really. The JWs pay for their own halls, traveling expenses etc. They have to pay for the mags, books and literature and every new book is a guaranteed 6 million + 'best seller'!

    Imagine having an audience of at the very least 6 million. All contributing for nothing. Some even contributing their whole estates to you when they die.....just for the 'hope' that they might be resurrected one day!

    If only I could have come up with that scam.

    I think the National Lottery is a better bet though.

  • Jourles

    Well yeah. The lottery is guaranteed to at least pay off to someone or a group of people.

    When will the 'paradise' finally pay off for the jdubs? After they die? Even then, there is no guarantee.

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