Preacher's Murder in Tennessee-Going out on a limb,predictions

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  • CaptainSchmideo

    Let's see, preacher with a lot of charisma, had three daughters, shot in the back, wife is the prime suspect:

    I will bet you a dollar that physical and sexual abuse will come out in the investigation.

  • kls
    Church members described Mary Winkler as a quiet, unassuming woman, the AP reported.

    Actually, i thought the same thing so your limb is far reaching.


    That is sad.

    You just can't wait to slander a dead man, can you?

    Investigators have found no evidence of a history of domestic violence, Johnson said.

    I guess since he is a "Christian" and a pastor he is automatically guilty?

  • cruzanheart

    I'd like to hear the wife's story, but yes, that's the first thing that came to my mind. That and relief that it wasn't the kids who were killed this time.

    Here in Texas we're all still aghast at Andrea Yates (who drowned her 5 children) and Dena Schlosser (who cut off her infant's arms, thinking that God wanted her to do it). Both women are up for the insanity defense -- rightly so, I think. Both women appear to have been heavily influenced by their religious beliefs, Dena Schlosser perhaps more so. She belonged to a church whose pastor teaches that all women are Jezebels and evil.


  • LDH

    Wilburn Ash, an elder at the Fourth Street Church, said Winkler was hired there in February 2005, according to the AP. He preached straight-by-the-Bible sermons, the AP reported, delighting congregants.

    There you have it.

  • CaptainSchmideo
    Here in Texas we're all still aghast at Andrea Yates (who drowned her 5 children)

    Speaking of which, anyone catch the news that her husband got remarried this weekend? Ironically, on the same weekend that his "old wife" is being rescheduled for a new trial.

    I remember the discusssion about this case back when this tragedy happened. There was a lot of discussion about depression, about a woman who was physically and mentally exhausted because she had one kid right after another, and no apparent help from her spouse, who apparently was pretty busy in his secular job, and subsequently did not notice the warning signs.

    So now, he has traded up, his new wife looks quite attractive from the pictures in the news. He drove off from the ceremony in a nice looking Corvette. Things are looking up in his life. I just hope that he is not as self-absorbed this time as he apparently was in his last one.

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