Should I stay or should I go

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  • PoppyR

    So... I haven't stepped foot in the hall for about 6 months and have had my 'invatation' to the memorial.

    I had previously decided that I would go if asked, to make my family happy etc.

    Now I dont know what to do, because if I dont go, it's clear to them I am NOT half hearted about this and have made my decision. Which I have by the way!

    One side of me almost is interested to go, to see everything from a new light and I have two children who still attend intermittently and I want to be the one to take them if they are going.

    Decision, Decisions!! I never thought I'd be one of the once a year attenders!! How fantastic to be on this side of the fence.

    Poppy xxx

  • daystar

    If you feel like going, for whatever reason, then go. I'm sure other people might get the idea you're hanging on. To stop that idea completely, why don't you just partake of the sacrements?

    That is really the only reason I wouldn't go, because I would feel moved to partake, and that's all my family needs is to have gossip going around the hall about one of their family members. Oh, also, I don't think I could sit through the talk either.

  • blondie


    If you go

    Get there right when it starts

    Leave right away after it ends...move towards the door just before the song and prayer.

    If you decide not to go

    Plan something else fun to do for you and the children at home or

    Go out to eat and to a move

    If you decide not to go but feel it is a sacred night

    Have your own ceremony, with wine, bread, prayer, bible reading (and song)

    Blondie (haven't gone for 4 years)

  • beautifulisfree

    Last year at memorial time I decided to go....even though I had not been to a meeting in a long time (for the sake of one of my family members). I was so sick and shaking before I went in. During the whole thing I was sick to ny stomach and going over in my head during the talk that I wish I could go up on stage and tell them all the truth. During the talk the elder look right at my (inactive family) and said that although the memorial was important it was just as important to attend ALL the meetings. I hope you donn't have to go...but if you do I recommend a strong shot of something before goin

  • Honesty

    I would go if I thought I could stand the sight of a room full of people rejecting Christ's love and forgiveness.

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