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  • cosmic

    I read a thread recently by StillAWitness in which this person mentioned a "Barf Quote". The term didn't seem extraordinary at the outset, but, throughout the day, I kept giggling and chortling over the term. People would ask me what was "so funny", and all I could say was, "Barf Quote". Is that an recognized, bonafide, certified description of WTS Drivel? If not, it should be.

  • AlmostAtheist

    I get 8,000+ hits on Google searching on "Barf Quote". Interestingly, there are only 8 hits in GoogleGroups, and the very first one is in regard to the Watchtower.

    I say we call that an official part of the "Theocratic Language"!


  • stillAwitness

    Hey, guess I better get my new phrase copyrighted!

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    The same thing happened to me when I was reading what somebody was writing on the board about C.T. Russell. The made a referanse to his teachings as "magical wheat". I still laugh at that.
    BarfQuote is a good one too.

  • Judc

    happy to oblige:


    w62 4/15 p. 240 par. 55 Christendom Has Failed God! After Her End, What? ***

    At the climax of the battle of Armageddon Christ the King will bind Satan the Devil, who is the "god of this system of things" and the founder of Christendom with its hypocritical Christianity. Thus true Christianity will have the opportunity to flourish unopposed, earthwide. Jehovah’s witnesses who survive Armageddon will no longer be persecuted for bearing God’s name nor for preaching "this good news of the kingdom" in all the inhabited earth "for a witness."

  • Elsewhere

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