Oprah on Wed 3/22 about unexpected tragedies

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  • Thegoodgirl

    Did anyone see Oprah yesterday (Wed 3/22)? I'm wondering what you thought of it.

    The guy named Justin Cabezas (who killed the woman and her daughter in a car crash by drag racing) was in my high school class.

    I just wanted to say he truly is a very nice guy. I remember he actually was kind of quiet but very smart and a deep-thinker. He used to write poetry all the time, but wouldn't let anyone read it. I remember sitting in Geometry class with him, and we were talking to him about his poems, and he said "I don't let anyone read any of my peotry, ever." (We were 14 years old at the time.)

    It's really sad what happened. Of course, he shouldn't have been drag racing, but it makes me think about all criminals, and who they were before they "committed their crime."

    (If you didn't see it, he basically pleaded guilty to manslaughter (?), but at the last minute, the husband of the family killed talked to justin, and then dropped all charges.) Now they both go around to schools together and talk about the dangers of drag racing.

  • cruzanheart

    I didn't see Oprah, but that story is very moving. I think, given your description of the young man, justice is better served by what he is doing. That is taking a tragedy and hopefully turning it into something that will save lives.

    Good for him!


  • anewme

    College Girl I missed yesterday's Oprah. I wish I'd seen it. I too have pondered the different outcome when mercy is granted instead of revenge or justice for a terrible unexpected tragedy.

    I think how I would probably still be a witness had they handled my tragedy with more mercy and understanding.

    Congratulations to the principal people involved in this story on their capacity for forgiveness to create an even greater story in the outcome.

    Thankyou College Girl for sharing this.


  • Thegoodgirl

    So true, about forgiveness changing everything, even the guilty party.

    And I'm not College Girl, I'm The Good Girl!

  • Billygoat

    I don't really remember mercy ever being part of the life of an active JW. I do find that when I have mercy on myself, I have more of a tendency to extend mercy to other people. That's a hard thing for me...forgiving myself.

  • anewme

    Sorry Good Girl, (goodgirl, collegegirl, they're all good!)

    Thanks again!


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