New Jersey Assembly Hall News

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  • parlay

    the caretakers at the Assembly Hall in New Jersey Jersey City have been

    told to pack their bags and leave the premises. The husband is giving the

    reason for their leaving as being to take care of their aging parents, which is BS.

    The real reason is because a number of sisters accused him

    of touching them inappropriately. At first he denied it, then later said he was only

    playing around. Adding that his wife's reputation as one with close and frequent association

    with achoholic beverages, got them their pink slip.

    They were about to move into a new assembly hall penthouse apartment, which the wife had started

    decorating. They were arrogant, as most JW's with a title are, acting as if they were better than the average

    JW because of their "position".

    So a lot of people are happy they got the boot. So now they are two middle aged people having to carry

    their own weight in Satan's big bad scary world.

  • wombat

    Wow...If someone doesn't like you they can easily shaft you.

    What the hell is "inapropiate touching"? Did he fondle their tits or bums or give them a hug? And the old girl liked a tipple? If she were a drunkard she would have been d'fd.

    Sounds like local politics to me. Maybe an elders wife didn't like them.


    I had heard simply that they were leaving, not for any particular reason. Whats with that Ass Hall anyway if I recall the l last one was also asked to leave..I think Rickets was his name for some money scandal. Heard this from a friend I have living in the area, who is also a bethelite.

  • parlay

    Rickets was DFed but I don't think it had to do with money.

    But after rickets left they became the big show in town. They should've saw it coming.

    Maybe they thought they could kiss enough CO and DO butt to keep it from happening to them.


  • lawrence

    Seems to me that the two of them will fit perfectly in a congo gone bad. Maybe pioneering and window washing will be their repentance. Eldership should be just around the corner for the grabber.

  • parlay

    The husband would brush up against sisters and they gave him the benefirt of the doubt.

    They couldn't know for sure if it was an accident. But after talking among themselves, they realized

    there was a pattern to what he was doing. So they brought it up before some kind of committee that

    oversees the assembly halls. The evidence was enough for them to get their walking papers.

    Of course they are going to give a different reason for leaving. Can you imagine him getting on the platform and

    announcing that the WBTS has sent them packing due to his propensity for grabbing

    arses and his wifes propensity for consuming achoholic beverages?

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