Book 'Breaking Free'

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  • inbyathread

    Has anyone read the book Breaking Free by Beth Moore? Your reviews or comments?

    This book has nothing to do with JW's but its underlining teaching points and message is very strong. It certainly can be applied or used against the Borg. The Borg stresses Preaching, Meeting Attendance and Field Service. One point out of the book I really liked is:

    "God does not take our spiritual temperature under the tongue by the words we say,

    nor in our ear by the impressive teachings we hear,

    nor under our arms by the service we perform.

    God takes our spiritual temperature straight from the heart."

  • ozziepost

    A question for you: Does God "take our spiritual temperature"?

  • inbyathread

    Good day to you Ozzie. How about Rev 3:15,16.

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